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“Antifa” Act Like Fascists. Criminals and Thugs (Like the State)

Criminal fascist punks, self-identified as “Antifa,” which apparently stands for “anti-fascist” (even though these punks act like fascists), stormed a talk by the Ayn Rand Institute’s Yaron Brook at King’s College in London, shouted the talkers down, interrupted the talk about Ayn Rand and pulled a fire alarm. Ooooh, that sure tells them, you Antifa fascist Nazis. They were actually calling Brook et al. “fascists,” even it is THEY, the “Antifa” thugs, who are “fascists.” (There’s not that much difference between fascists and commies, by the way, they are just two sides of the same statist coin — i.e. anti-liberty.)

There’s a video of it at this article at the Examiner. I don’t want to post it. These fascists, a.k.a. “Antifa,” are for censorship and intolerance, they shout down speakers they disagree with, they physically attack people and destroy property, real criminals, these people. They are not “caring” “socialists.”

Just today there is an article by Andrew Bacevich, American Stalinism Then and Now, comparing the 20th Century Stalin Soviet era to our times now.

one contributing factor was smug American intellectuals who enthusiastically bought into and promoted one of the 20th century’s most grotesque deceptions. American Stalinism represented the abandonment of critical thinking in pursuit of truth—the intellectual’s proper function—in favor of a bizarre, if momentarily fashionable, ideological fetish. Whether directly or indirectly, Stalin’s American acolytes inflicted incalculable damage on the cause of liberty, social justice, and simple decency.

Like the devout Stalinists of yore, they see utopia just around the corner. Their latest version looks to uninhibited sexual expression, compulsory diversity, and infinite choice on all matters pertaining to personal identity to make things right.

The contempt for bourgeoisie values cultivated among American Stalinists back in the 1930s—due process and the presumption of innocence, for example—finds its counterpart today in contempt for the so-called heteronormative order. As was the case during the Moscow Trials, accusation suffices as evidence of guilt, even when it comes to doling out punishment, shunning and public humiliation have today replaced exile and execution.

Now, some of the intrusive and destructive government policies many of these fascist/communist thugs of “Antifa” seem to want — such as government control over the entire health care system — are actually fascist policies.

The fascists of Antifa might learn a thing or two by actually listening to Ayn Rand, who in this 1963 discussion referred to President John F. Kennedy’s economic program (then known as The New Frontier) as the “Fascist New Frontier,” which consisted of the “subordination and sacrifice of the individual to the collective.” You “Antifa” people will not like it when your own individual life is sacrificed to serve your neighbors’ whims and cravings. So you might want to think twice (they “think”?) when calling for this commie/fascism stuff.

Here is Ayn Rand on the “Fascist New Frontier”:

UPDATE: Here is another lecture by Ayn Rand, from 1965 at the Ford Hall Forum, “The New Fascism: Rule by Consensus” (The audio is better in this one):

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