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Adrian Lamo Has Died: Informant Who Ratted on Bradley Manning

Adrian Lamo has died at age 37. Don’t know the cause of death. Wichita police said it was “nothing suspicious,” but didn’t elaborate.

Lamo was the guy who turned in Bradley Manning to the feds for leaking to WikiLeaks.

Now, authoritarian sheeple who think that government and military crimes and war crimes should not be exposed applauded Lamo turning in Manning, and would refer to Manning as the “traitor,” because he exposed government crimes. To authoritarians, showing lack of obedience to government authorities is “treason.” The talk radio ditto-heads seem to think that way, it has been my observation. I know, I keep criticizing the nationalist conservatives on their authoritarianism, militarism and worship of the national security state. Sorry about that. You know, they could stop blindly and naively believing the war propaganda that Washington spews, especially since 9/11.

But anyway, Lamo was the bad guy in that situation, in my view. He had no credibility. I wrote about Lamo in 2010, “It looks to me like there may actually be reason to believe that the allegations against Manning may actually be based on fabricated chat logs. (Glenn) Greenwald linked to this post by Marcy Wheeler, and apparently, there were time gaps, in which Lamo was fixing ‘technical issues’ during their chats…Also, the one who turned Manning in to the government, Lamo, is a convicted felon and was involuntarily hospitalized, just three weeks before his chats with Manning, for ‘severe psychiatric distress,’ according to Greenwald. This whole thing just doesn’t pass the smell test, if you ask me.”

And I wrote in this 2013 post, “But in 2011, when Wired finally released the full chat logs, Greenwald asserted that they ‘provide vital context and information about what actually happened here.  To say that (Kevin) Poulsen’s claims about what Wired withheld were factually false is to put it generously’.”

As Marcy Wheeler wrote about the whole situation, Manning leaked the documents and videos for the American people to know the truth, not the “enemy.” And that is exactly what he had told the informant Lamo in their online chats. But Lamo turned him in anyway. Lamo was not just a sheeple, but a stasi. Because of Lamo, the wrong people got sent to jail. Good riddance, in my view.

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