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A Couple of Thoughts Today

Lew Rockwell linked to an article on a website called “Intellectual Takeout,” and so I thought, “Hmm, I think I’ll have an intellectual for takeout (or perhaps I might stay in and order it to be delivered).”

And today is the day that many, many ignorant students will walk out of class to demand more gun laws. They will observe the “17” people killed at the Florida high school a few weeks ago. The students will honor the “17” killed people by staying outside for “17” minutes. It is in their memory that these brainwashed students will miss their class. I wonder if they’d like to stay out longer, like for hundreds of minutes in honor of all the hundreds of young people killed in Chicago (and other cities) with guns every year. (Or perhaps hundreds of hours? Or days? That would be preferable, because they aren’t actually learning in these government schools. They certainly aren’t learning that the gun laws we have now are very strict, especially in Chicago. But those laws don’t work. The student walk-outers certainly aren’t learning that criminals don’t obey the law, and that is why these mass murderers go into schools and night clubs and kill people anyway, even though those places are gun-free zones, by law. Criminals don’t obey the law, morons. Don’t you know that?)

It’s one of those days.

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