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Patent Laws

In Chris Calton’s article, How the Patent-Troll Wright Brothers Fought to Stifle Innovation, we learn that the Wright Brothers, Orville and Wilbur, spent a lot of time in courts and succeeded in preventing inventors like Glenn Curtiss from selling or profiting from their own innovations in the airplane industry. In my view, the Wright brothers used patent laws to legally steal potential earnings and profits from other inventors and innovators. But that’s how I happen to see that.

One effect of getting rid of patent laws, by the way, wold be lowering prices. I’m very much anti-pharmaceutical company these days, if you haven’t noticed, but getting rid of the drug patents would free up the market and make way for the competitors, which would lower the costs of “life-saving” drugs. So those $500 pills will come down to be just $5 pills on an open, free market.

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