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On Today’s Intolerance of People Who Happen to Have a Sense of Humor

In my post of a few days ago on political correctness run amok, I wrote about a now-suspended sports radio WEEI personality Christian Fauria who did an impersonation of a stereotypical-sounding Asian person in his attempting to impersonate Don Yee (Tom Brady’s agent), even though Don Yee doesn’t even have any noticeable stereotypical Asian accent.

The commentariat are outraged now! They mostly agree that what Fauria did was “inexcusable,” “insensitive,” and so on. But these opinionators are acting with the same kind of hysteria and total lack of sense of humor that characterizes our society now. They need to grow up and get a life.

I’m really sick of this politically-correct intolerance now. It’s actually embarrassing that grown adults are acting this way.

Here is a YouTube video of the whole episode that has gotten Christian Fauria suspended. You can hear it for yourself. What the guys were doing was merely acting out a conversation between someone who pretended to be Don Yee and a Boston Herald sports columnist, Ron Borges, who was fooled by a WEEI caller pretending to be Don Yee and talking about Tom Brady wanting more money from the Patriots (which isn’t the case).

So, I listened to the video, and I didn’t hear anything “offensive” or “racist,” or even “insensitive,” as it has been described. The segment was just silly and goofy. (But isn’t that what sports radio is all about?) As I wrote in my earlier post, I am sure that Don Yee and any other Asian people hearing that broadcast were NOT offended, and probably did NOT think that the joking around was “racist” — unless they are snowflakes, of course.

In fact, a Boston Globe columnist, Joan Vennochi, agrees with me, in general.

Fauria apologized and was suspended for five days. My colleague Shirley Leung argues that’s not enough. She believes the cohosts who laughed along with Fauria’s sorry joke should also be punished. While I absolutely respect Leung’s perspective and agree that the pretend Asian accent was offensive, I just wonder where we draw the censorship line. What if the agent had an Italian-sounding name, and a radio host did a Marlon Brando-Godfather-like impersonation? Or aped an Irish brogue or upper-crust British accent? If the radio station is going to ban pretend-Asian accents, shouldn’t it also ban all fake accents? Otherwise, where’s the consistency? And how will WEEI hosts know the rules of engagement?

Although Vennochi still says that “the pretend Asian accent was offensive.” No, it wasn’t offensive. People need to lighten up.

And I remember Richard Pryor impersonating a white person (or a “stereotypical-sounding white person”). But did that offend me? Was I triggered? Or Dave Chappelle. (Frankly, it’s their foul language that I find a bit…unnecessary…but whatever.)

You know, as a typical white person, it seems to me that any white person who would actually feel offended by Richard Pryor doing an impersonation of a typical white person is probably “offended” by every little thing. You’d have to be.

But the snowflakes in the media and the commentariat are huffing and puffing, expressing feeling “offended” by the “racist” Christian Fauria and his cohorts.

And as part of the overreacting corporate snowflakes, Comcast and City of Boston Credit Union have suspended advertising on WEEI because of this controversy.

According to the Boston Globe, the Credit Union’s president, Dan Waltz, says that “the culture of the station is not reflective of our values of inclusion, acceptance and mutual respect.”

Sounds like today’s politically-correct song and dance, if you ask me, Mr. “Waltz.”

So where is the exclusion, unacceptance, and disrespect here? What the WEEI guys including Fauria were doing had nothing to DO with “inclusion, acceptance and mutual respect,” for crying out loud! They were just acting silly! (Or, as Obama might say, “stupidly.”) Doh!

The Credit Union honcho goes on, “We have a responsibility to our diverse membership to spend their advertising dollars responsibly and cannot support what is, in our opinion, the hateful and divisive content that seems to have become a matter of course at WEEI.”

Oh please, the impersonation of an Asian-sounding person by Christian Fauria was not “hateful and divisive”!

I’m not going to actually post the video, but I did link to it above. Just listen for yourselves. If anyone hears “hate” and “divisiveness,” then perhaps one has been through too much of today’s educational and pop culture brainwashing, and has shed one’s rational abilities to think with common sense.

By the way, here is a Chinese comedian doing Barack Obama. Oh, the “hate.” The “racism”! The “insensitivity”! (But, as Joan Rivers would say, “Oh, grow up!”)

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