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Laurence Vance writes about the Christian baker-same sex wedding cake cases, and says that many people have a half-baked view of the First Amendment. Among other things, he notes:

Masterpiece Cakeshop is owned by Jack Phillips. In a free society, it is he who decides who enters his property. It is he who decides who remains on his property. It is he who decides whom he will do business with. It is he who decides what he is willing to pay his employees. It is he who decides what benefits he will offer his employees. It is he who decides what prices he will charge. It is he who decides what days and hours he will be open. It is And it is he who decides whom he will decorate a cake for.

In a free society, business owners have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason on any basis. Religion has nothing to do with it. Property rights have everything to do with it.

Ron Unz now provides a place for YouTube-banned videos and channels.

J.D. Tuccille writes about government protecting us from bad speech.

Don Boudreaux says, If a protectionist ran a private firm the way he or she wants to run a country…

Jacob Hornberger writes about Donald Trump’s dictatorial and destructive tariffs.

Nicholas Davies writes about a national defense strategy of sowing global chaos.

Zero Hedge with an article on FBI texts discussing “destroying evidence” and scrambling to find hard drives.

Karen De Coster writes about the white supremacy yoga industrial complex.

Dan Pitrone writes about George H.W. Bush’s Gulf War Shenanigans.

Jim White with an article on Congress enabling Chuck Hagel and Ash Carter to keep child rape and torture from disrupting forever war.

And Daniel Horowitz asks, Why are we shedding our soldiers’ blood for pedophiles?

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