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Yes, the Inmates Really Are Running the Asylum

Here is a “trigger warning”: This is another one of those rare posts in which I will just say what needs to be said, and if you don’t like it, tough noogies, as Frank Burns would say. If you are a young millennial or a “snowflake,” beware. So here is what I have to say.

Rush Limbaugh was recently discussing the “net neutrality” issue and the dishonesty of the pro-net neutrality activists. The activists and their followers on the left were distraught over FCC chairman Ajit Pai’s decision to dump so-called “net neutrality,” removing regulations imposed in 2015 by the Obama regime. Activists have been going over to Pai’s home to harass him and his family over this one decision.

Prior to 2015 there were no “net neutrality” regulations. The Internet was a place largely free of government controls. That is why the Internet has flourished as it has.

The activists say the regulations were necessary to make ISPs, broadband and other Internet services more “equal” for the masses. Nope. What it really does is prevent those providers from providing more choices, which ultimately would make services more affordable for some people. But what the control freaks don’t understand is that government regulations cause distortions and generally cause prices to go up. In the auto industry, healthcare, new homes, and with the Internet as well.

Limbaugh cited a column by Jonah Goldberg who discussed the activists’ harassment of Ajit Pai. Goldberg couldn’t understand why this one issue is so important to, mainly, the people on the left, to the point that people would go to the home of an FCC chairman, harass his family and refer to him as a “pedophile,” a “dirty, sneaky Indian,” and threaten to kill him.

So, it’s not really about “equality” or “affordability,” but taking control away from Internet providers and consumers, and the government usurping that control. Rush Limbaugh correctly compared net neutrality to the Fairness Doctrine, in which the controllers on the left wanted to censor conservatives on talk radio, for instance, by mandating that those programs also provide a “balanced” point of view.

What, the biased CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, ESPN, New York Times and most local newspapers, Comedy Central, HBO — all THAT’S not enough for you on the left? No, they want to force non-leftist outlets to have to provide space and time for more of their point of view, and ultimately they want to outright censor conservatives, libertarians, Christians, and any critics of the regime.

The bottom line is that “net neutrality” is all about control of speech and expression — it’s about censorship.

But when the Internet was free of government controls prior to 2015 (and now), THAT was “neutrality”! Internet users had freedom of expression and freedom of choice in their usage of the Internet.

So with this Orwellian “neutrality” stuff the activists really want to censor the Internet, mainly conservative or libertarian websites such as American Thinker, Daily Caller and Breitbart,, and … me.

This censorship stuff is all over the place now. Twitter has been censoring conservatives and Trump supporters in its “extreme social justice warrior climate” as admitted by insiders, and Twitter is actually sharing Donald Trump’s private messages with the DOJ without warrants. (I disagree with just about all of Trump’s policies, but I will still call a spade a spade, and so I will call a stasi a “stasi.”)

Not that Trump is an actual conservative. But the snowflake SJWs and Trump-haters act solely on emotion and are easily provoked by Trump’s bombastic personality, just as the conservatives and nationalists are emotional with their anti-immigration “Build the Wall!” idiocy. It’s ALL emotional. No rationality or thinking involved with any of these people.

Just look at the recent decision by the so-called Committee to Protect Journalists to give Trump the “Overall Achievement in Undermining Global Press Freedom” award. They did this at the end of their article in which they gave awards to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan as “Most Thin-Skinned” and “Most Outrageous Use of Terror Laws Against the Press,” and to Chinese President Xi Jinping as “Tightest Grip on Media,” and Myanmar State Counselor and de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi as “Biggest Backslider in Press Freedom.”

But no, after all those tyrants and fascists, it’s Donald Trump who is given the “Overall Achievement in Undermining Global Press Freedom,” even though he hasn’t had journalists arrested or otherwise censoring media despite his constantly threatening to do so.

As opposed to President Barack Obama. According to the same “Committee to Protect Journalists” (sic), Obama really did have journalists arrested, such as James Risen of the New York Times, and then naming James Rosen of Fox News a “criminal co-conspirator” under the so-called Espionage Act simply for doing his job as a reporter. And what happened to Michael Hastings of Rolling Stone? Those were under the Obama Regime.

Democrats favor civil liberties? Don’t. Make. Me. Laugh.

You see, ideologues on the left hear Trump’s rhetoric that’s threatening or “triggering,” and they respond more to that. Just as the college snowflakes accuse the people they want to silence of “hate speech.” To them, “hate speech”= violence.

The college kids shout down conservative or libertarian speakers they disagree with, or pressure their administrations to cancel or ban certain speakers as “too divisive, triggering, offensive,” etc.

But do we ever see conservatives shouting down liberal speakers, like when Bernie Sanders spoke at Liberty University? Or conservatives and libertarians going to the homes of Obama administration bureaucrats to harass their families because of their policies? Nope.

And all the people in the media so outraged over Donald Trump referring to certain countries as “s***holes” regarding the immigration issue. The newscasts and talk shows are now obsessed with that. They think Trump’s “racist” language is “offensive.” Meanwhile, the goofballs at NPR and other outlets couldn’t wait to repeat the whole word in their newscasts. If Trump had said the “F-word,” they would have said that word, too, without bleeping it.

You see, the people on the left and the triggered college snowflakes LOVE to offend people themselves. Just look at the videos of the traumatized students’ protests, of how they hate Trump and how they yell about “white privilege” and all that with their constant expletives, not caring in the least who THEY offend. Extremely narcissistic, just like The Donald. In fact, many of these young schmucks intentionally direct their expletive-ridden verbal venom at their professors and speakers, and other students who are just minding their own business.

And a lot of the ideas of these misfits are irrational and just plain bizarre.

Schools banning “best friends” because that’s “exclusionary”? Learning math in college perpetuates discrimination against minorities and promotes “white privilege”? Academic rigor and scientific knowledge are “gendered, raced, and colonizing”?

Well, no, minority students should be expected to study and learn the same damn things that white students learn, and should be expected to put the bong down and study to get better grades, dammit, just as the white students should be expected to do.

So the people in the media and entertainment who are saying they are “offended” by Trump are just a bunch of liars, in my view. They’re really feigning feeling offended because they just hate Trump. And many of the college snowflakes are not really “triggered” either — they just like to shoot their mouths off and shout down someone they believe is the “enemy,” such as Milo or Ann Coulter. Most of the snowflakes are FOS, and the extremist Antifa wing of these leftist imbeciles are not as offended as they are thrilled to have an excuse to act like marauders, vandals, thugs and degenerates.

And the ones who aren’t just FOS are really making themselves and each other anxious and hysterical intentionally, thanks to a hysterical society of fear and irrationality, especially since 9/11.

No wonder they want to use government force to shove their crap down other people’s throats. How can any rational, decent human being take these punks seriously?

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