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“Please Turn Off Your Ad Blocker” (NO!)

I really wish those websites who come on telling me I have an ad blocker would please shut up! Yes, I have an ad blocker, and no I’m not going to turn it off, you morons! And no I’m not going to “whitelist” you. Why the hell do you think I have the ad blocker? I just don’t want to see those stupid ads of grossly obese slobs and all their layers of flab, or the nude couples having sex, okay? Obviously, people have an ad blocker for a reason, Forbes, Business Insider, et al. They’re the worst! They don’t seem to understand that no, I will not turn off my ad blocker, and therefore I will not read the article there, and so I will obviously not link to it, and will thus not bring any new readers to their websites! Why can’t these goofballs understand this?

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