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Michael Wolff vs. Trump; Steve Bannon; and Oprah

There’s this new book that I have no intention of buying or reading by a Michael Wolff — I had never heard of him until now — in which he is trashing Donald Trump. And I heard the author interviewed on Meet the Press in a rebroadcast on Bloomberg Radio. The way he answered questions made him seem somewhat deceptive or deceitful. My conclusion on Wolff is that he has an anti-Trump agenda and is just out to smear Trump. Not that Trump himself merely opening his mouth (or his Twitter account) is enough to be his own worst enemy, mind you.

And this Steve Bannon guy who was quoted, or misquoted, in the book as criticizing Trump and the Trump family. Does Bannon look a little like Archie Bunker? He sure thinks like him. One problem with Bannon (besides looking like a slob and in need of a shave) is this “economic nationalism” ideology of his. What that means is national socialism. He is yet another conservative who doesn’t believe in freedom, the actual freedom of the so-called American founders, that requires respect for private property rights, voluntary exchange, individual liberty and self-determination. (Huh? What are those things? ask the clueless brainwashed millennials. But I digress.)

No, these so-called economic nationalists advocate not freedom but government. Government Central Planning is what they believe in, not freedom. They believe that central planners in Washington should dictate the terms of contracts in trades and commercial transactions, should “protect” American businesses by imposing tariffs i.e. taxes on their own fellow Americans including American businessmen whose economic freedom in purchasing the best capital goods at the lowest prices is violated by these very Government Central Planners in Washington. Go figure. (In fact, just yesterday Donald Boudreaux had a post on just that kind of cognitive dissonance.)

And these economic nationalists — i.e. national socialists — believe that Government Central Planners in Washington could ever control the movements of millions of people. Guess what? They can’t. Their government immigration controls will never work.

So one thing with many conservatives today is their cognitive dissonance. I’ve been writing about that for years now. For example, many of them are collectivists. After all, nationalism is a form of collectivism, certainly not individualism. So they are just plain anti-immigration, or anti-foreigner, regardless of what they say about “legal vs. illegal” and all that. Nope. And I hear the talk radio ditto-heads comparing “illegals” with criminals breaking into “our” home, and “they are invaders,” and so on.

Yet, these same conservatives have been supporting a U.S. military invading and occupying foreign lands, with one irrational excuse after another, for years now. So these conservatives, nationalists, and True Believers in American Exceptionalism nevertheless support actual invaders, and trespassers i.e. occupiers on foreign territories. Meanwhile, the immigrants they want to lock out are not invaders. My grandparents were not “invaders.”

Will Oprah run for President? Should she run for President? Well, if she promises to close all U.S. foreign military bases and bring all U.S. military personnel back to the U.S. where they belong, then maybe I’ll consider supporting her candidacy. The “troops” don’t belong over there in foreign countries that are not U.S. territories. In fact, the U.S. Constitution does not authorize the federal government to have its apparatus (military or otherwise) on territories that are not U.S. territories. And militarily invading other countries that were of no threat to us is criminal! How can any decent person support that?

I’ll support Oprah if she openly acknowledges that government taxation and confiscation of private wealth or property is theft. Any transaction that is involuntary and involves coercion is theft or extortion, and is immoral, and criminal, and must end!

And if Oprah promises to pardon and release from jails any and all people who have been abducted by armed and badged goons of the State and falsely imprisoned even though such victims had not harmed anyone else’s person or property, then maybe I’ll consider supporting Oprah’s candidacy. And that includes people accused of committing “victimless crimes,” regarding drugs, gun possession, driving-related “offenses” or whatever. And that also includes those who have unwittingly violated any kind of arbitrary rule or diktat imposed by bureaucratic government apparatchiks in the absence of any voluntary contract. She should also promise to have arrested and prosecuted for abduction and false imprisonment and harassment any government enforcer whose enforcement of such victimless “crimes” actually violates the lives, liberty or property of the enforcers’ victims. Then maybe I’ll endorse and support Oprah’s candidacy.

I personally haven’t violated any laws, by the way, because there is no one in charge right now who would save me from the violent ravages of the State. Certainly not Donald Trump. In fact, he is on the side of all the criminals of the State and their goon enforcers, certainly not on the side of innocent people. But then, he is just like most other politicians, bureaucrats, lawyers or other criminals.

And that is what I have to say about all that.

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