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Flu Season Is Worse This Year?

Now, on to more serious matters, such as the flu so-called epidemic in America.

There is a rather large flu outbreak this year. Supposedly. People are dying everywhere. But how many of those cases are actual laboratory-confirmed cases? Many doctors urge people to get the flu shot, even though many doctors themselves don’t get the flu shot, and many of the people who are getting the flu shot still end up getting the flu, because the vaccine is only about 10% effective (or even less effective).

But the truth is, a lot of people’s immune systems are terrible, because they are malnourished, and so their chances of getting the flu will be higher. Besides the terrible junk food and processed food with all those chemicals interfering with the digestion of actually nutritious food that people might have, many people now are being poisoned with prescription drugs, especially kids who are being given psychiatric drugs that their still-developing bodies shouldn’t be given. Just some of the reasons why kids are sicker now than they were just a few years ago.

And many modern vaccines contain harmful additives and preservatives that can contribute to cognitive issues and can compromise your immune system. And that applies to any vaccines especially those which contain those additives. Some vaccines are deadly such as the HPV vaccine. Check out Sharyl Attkisson‘s page on the “debunked” linkage between vaccines and autism, and Jon Rappoport’s interview of Sharyl Attkisson regarding her reporting on the 2009 swine flu epidemic that wasn’t.

Donald Trump may be wrong about just about everything, especially trade, immigration, the drug war and the “war on terror,” but he’s got the flu vaccine stuff right. Regarding the flu shot, Trump told Opie and Jim Norton on SiriusXM in 2015, “I’ve never had (a flu shot). And thus far I’ve never had the flu. I don’t like the idea of injecting bad stuff into your body….I have friends that religiously get the flu shot and then they get the flu….And I’ve seen a lot of reports that the last flu shot is virtually totally ineffective.”

So, there is this religious, superstitious belief that people must get the flu shot. And those who are skeptical of the flu shot are called “tin-foil hat” types.

And we hear things like, “well your kid better get the flu shot or else keep him out of the same class with my kid,” and so on. So, if Bob got the flu shot but Mary didn’t get the flu shot, why is Bob concerned about being around Mary? After all, Bob got the flu shot, so therefore he won’t get the flu. Yet, Bob is still afraid of getting the flu from Mary because she didn’t get the flu shot, even though Bob did get the flu shot. In other words, Bob (and all the millions of other sheeple in Amerika) is admitting that the flu shot is ineffective, and it’s not worth the risk. Right, Bob? And also, Mary takes care of herself and keeps herself well-nourished. She is not malnourished as many Americans are. Mary eats a goodly amount of fruits and vegetables (and takes probiotics as well), takes vitamin D and gets those vitamins and anti-oxidants to keep her immune system strong, so that if she does come into contact with the flu virus, she will probably not get sick. Well, my experience with doctors is that they are extremely ignorant of the importance of nutrition and prefer to just give people harmful drugs and vaccines.

So we are constantly hearing, “yes the flu vaccine is ineffective, but get it anyway.” You see, the superstitious vaccine worshipers still condemn vaccine skeptics like “Burn the witch,” in the same way the global warming fanatics refer to skeptics as “deniers.” A lot of people still prefer to believe myths and propaganda, and the media promote getting the flu shot, all because the pharmaceutical companies need to make a lot of money with the vaccines. That’s the bottom line, I think.

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