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The American Cultural Decline with Narcissistic Gropers and Abusers

It is nice to see all the loathsome degenerates having to resign from their high positions in media, politics and show-biz based on their treating others badly. It is mostly if not 99% men behaving badly toward women. And it has a lot to do with men in positions of power and authority abusing their positions to get their way with mostly females and mainly subordinates.

But was it always this way? I think in some cases it was, such as with the “older boss chasing the young secretary around the desk” and all that. But I don’t think that such bosses or associates were as extremely disrespectful, invasive and violating as we’re hearing about with Al Franken, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton, Matt Lauer, et al. Those monsters or criminals are results of our society’s decline, its cultivation of sickos and pervs in the mainstream.

As Walter Williams wrote this week in his column,

For over a half-century, the nation’s liberals — along with the education establishment, pseudo-intellectuals and the courts — have waged war on traditions, customs and moral values. Many in today’s generation have been counseled to believe that there are no moral absolutes. Instead, what’s moral or immoral, right or wrong, is a matter of convenience…

Society’s first line of defense is not the law but customs, traditions and moral values. Customs, traditions and moral values are those important thou-shalt-nots, such as thou shalt not murder, shalt not steal, shalt not lie and shalt not cheat. They also include respect for parents, teachers and others in authority [well, most parents, and some teachers, quite frankly], plus those courtesies one might read in Emily Post’s rules of etiquette. These behavioral norms — mostly transmitted by example, word of mouth and religious teachings — represent a body of wisdom distilled over the ages through experience, trial and error, and looking at what works and what doesn’t.

The importance of customs, traditions and moral values as a means of regulating behavior is that people behave themselves even if nobody’s watching.

Now, there seems to be an absence of due process and “innocent until proven guilty” in some of the cases we are hearing about. But in many cases there are either multiple complainers and/or admissions of guilt by the accused.

After complaints of “sexual misconduct” have been made against PBS show host Tavis Smiley, the public TV network has suspended him, following which Smiley said, “I have never groped, inappropriately exposed myself or coerced any colleague in the workplace ever in my 30-year career … If having a consensual relationship with a colleague years ago is the stuff that leads to this kind of public humiliation and personal destruction, heaven help us.” According to the Washington Post, “Smiley alleged that investigators refused to look at certain documentation, refused to interview any of his current staff members, refused to give him the name of any of his accusers, and ‘refused to give me any semblance of due process’.”

So, given in more recent years how there have been cases of false accusations against innocent people, such as the Duke Lacrosse and UVA false accusation cases, but other cases in which the accused have admitted to their abuses or crimes, who knows what to believe these days. While Smiley denies that he has done anything worthy of his being suspended or terminated from PBS, there are others who deny accusations despite the validity of accusers and witnesses’ accounts (such as the conductor James Levine as I wrote about here).

Another recent alleged workplace groper/creepy sex-talker has been NPR show host Tom Ashbrook of On Point, who has also been suspended from his show based on complaints by staff at his station, WBUR. According to WBUR, “Tirades directed at young women in the studio. Name calling and belittling critiques of show ideas during meetings. ‘Creepy’ sex talk, hugs and back or neck rubs after a dressing down. That’s the pattern of alleged abuse described by 11 mostly young women and men who filed a multi-page document outlining their complaints…”

Now, just what is it with these guys? They do not seem to have a sense of boundaries, of physical boundaries that is, a sense of respect for their co-workers, a sense of decency. I mean if one actually had a sense of decency one would not engage in “creepy sex talk” (except perhaps when with the guys at the bar or something). In the old days, as Walter Williams was pointing out above, it was widely assumed that you just don’t do or say certain things at the workplace or with women in general as well. But things have changed now, it seems.

But this thing with guys having to touch the women like an object — in psychology that’s known as narcissistic cathexis. “I see that thing or person, and I desire the thing or person, I want to touch … ” (And want to do more than touch, including lick, eat, etc. just like a baby who has to put desired things in his mouth.) Given the narcissistic aspects of all this, these people are narcissists in that their desires are to them the center of everything else around. In some cases they project their own selfish desires, like desire to touch a female, onto that other female, like assuming that such desires or feelings were reciprocal, as we read about with Charlie Rose at CBS.

It seems that our society has developed with the encouragement of that kind of narcissism and covetousness. The culture includes widespread acceptance of these behaviors, until enough people have the courage to make the abusive, invasive or sick behaviors public and make public accusations against the pervs. For example, the folks high up at NBC supposedly knew for years that Matt Lauer acted in the extremely disturbed and sick manner that he did at the workplace there, but they did nothing about it until now. I guess ratings and revenue were more important to them?

And conductor James Levine who for years it was known or rumored that he had sexual liaisons with teenage boys, like the orchestra managements were aware of it, but they looked the other way, apparently. The ticket sales for concerts were the priority?

And at WBUR/NPR with Tom Ashbrook, “At least three former producers say they screamed back at Ashbrook or told him to stop berating a colleague. Five current or former producers say they met with station managers multiple times, dating back at least five years, to raise concerns about Ashbrook.

“In one case a producer says he was told to write Ashbrook a letter. In another, a manager allegedly coached the employee on ways to ‘stand up to Tom’. Some producers say managers promised to take action, but the former employees say there was no evidence of change. Four producers say they were either told or led to believe that their jobs could be at risk if they pursued a complaint.”

So there is a case in which management seemed to be covering for the alleged abuser. Not good.

And former President George H.W. Bush, the older geezer one, who has now been accused by at least 8 women of touching and groping them inappropriately and invasively at photo-ops. According to the Daily Mail, they “say Bush touched their buttocks as they stood next to him to take photos. All three states have laws against touching someone without their consent.

“The women’s stories broadly follow the same outline: Bush patted them below the waist as they stood next to him to take photos, sometimes with a joke about his favorite magician or writer being named ‘David Cop-a-Feel’.”

So in my view, there seems to be a pattern here with males of certain mentalities or ideologies, taking extra liberties at the expense of females’ personal boundaries and their dignity. Either the male gropers (or in some cases outright assaulters and rapists) have ideologies of covetousness, such as supporting government taxation-theft of the wealth of others and redistribution of wealth schemes, like many of the aforementioned Left-biased “news journalists” or political hacks and celebrity big-shots. Or, like George H.W. Bush the neocon war criminal, they believe in “American exceptionalism,” U.S. government dominance all over the world and the power to invade and occupy foreign lands and steal the resources of the foreigners and kill them with impunity as both Bush Presidents (and Obama and Trump now) have done.

I think the decline of American civilization and culture really began at some point after the Revolution and was cemented by the “Civil War,” in which the people decided to abandon respect for boundaries, individual liberty and peace.

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