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Talk Radio a Mixed Bag These Days

(Updated to include a paragraph that was inadvertently left out.)

I’ve been a news radio and talk radio listener for decades. Sadly, the quality of talk radio has declines over the years. I think it really reflects the general decline of our culture as well as the decline in education and intellectual inquiry.

For instance, on Salem Radio there is this new one, former Congressman Joe Walsh, who sounds a lot like Oliver North, but with a Fonzie aspect to his talking. Now, he’s really good on the freedom of speech issue. With the baker who doesn’t want to bake or design a cake for a lesbian couple. I’ll bet that many conservatives wouldn’t want to see the First Amendment as protecting the atheist baker who doesn’t want to bake a cake for a Christian couple. But Walsh indicated that he would be for that kind of freedom of speech and freedom of association. The issue is the control that business owners have over their own business that is their own property.

And Walsh has also been good on due process and presumption of innocence, such as with the accusations against celebrities and politicians of groping and other acts of intrusiveness. I’ve actually been impressed that there’s one “conservative” who gets these things.

But then Walsh goes off into loony land with the anti-immigration stuff, as well as the national security state worship and police worship. Oh, well. After speaking intelligently he then unfortunately turns simple-minded and neanderthal, “Build that Wall!!” and all that. But he also yells too much, like every other sentence is yelling, certainly a lot more than Michael Savage, the former winner of “Yelling Too Much on the Radio” contests.

And Dennis Prager, also on Salem Radio, that I’ve described as extremely authoritarian. For instance, Prager has said that to be moral or have morality you need to have faith in God or believe in God, and so on. Huh? I think that Prager’s idea of belief in God is an authoritarian one, a worship thing like with obedience. Well, I’ve been moral, certainly not immoral. I’ve never harmed anyone or violated anyone’s person or property. But I don’t exactly worship anyone or anything, and I’m not big on obedience.

On the belief in God thing, I do believe that we were created, but by whom I have no idea. I don’t believe in the kind of spiritual being that many people seem to believe in that I’ve heard as a common description of God. (And also, is “God” his first or last name? If it’s his first name, then isn’t a show of disrespect to refer to someone like that by his first name? Should he be “Mr. God”? Or Ms. God, quite frankly.) As far as God being a spiritual being and not a physical being, then how could he have created us and everything else as a spiritual being, without hands and arms? Are you saying that God created us and stuff on Earth by just his will? Like he has magical powers? I guess many people believe that God has magical powers, so we’re talking about more of a mythological figure, which is why it sounds a little too unbelievable to me. I do believe that we were created, but by actual physical beings. And I don’t know if they are particularly “good” beings (as opposed to “sadistic”), but who knows.

Another example of Prager’s extreme authoritarianism is his saying that children don’t or can’t have “wisdom.” He’s very contemptuous of children, in my view. On talk radio a long time ago, there was one talk host during the 1980s who told of his little girl who said something like, “Daddy, if you love me you’ll stop smoking.” And that’s what got him to stop smoking. So, the little kid was “wise” in that she could see that her daddy’s smoking could lead to an early death, and she didn’t want to deal with that.

I think that Prager thinks that children shouldn’t be taken seriously and they should just be obedient and do what they’re told. And not think for themselves. I guess he hasn’t read very much Alice Miller. That’s why many of those kids grow up to be obedient sheeple and believe what the gubmint tells them, and so on.

Do I agree with Prager on anything? I certainly agree with him on his anti-political correctness stuff, anti-college craziness, and anti-censorship, that’s for sure.

Speaking of obedient, authoritarian sheeple, also on Salem Radio there are Hugh Hewitt and Michael Medved, two believers in the authoritarian State. Those two don’t seem to like it when people try to expose the corruption of the national security state. In fact, I heard Hewitt say there is no “deep state.” Medved has stated that he believes the “lone gunman” narrative, that Lee Harvey Oswald is the only one who shot JFK. Not sure what Hewitt thinks about that. (He probably agrees with Medved on that.) But interestingly, both Hewitt and Medved have spoken with quite egalitarian tones as well. I know I’ve heard both speak about the rich should pay their fair share in taxes, very “from each according to his means to each according to his needs” kind of rhetoric. They tend to tut-tut any suggestion that income taxation is theft and that it needs to be abolished. I wonder if there’s a relationship there, between the authoritarian State worship and egalitarianism. Hmm.

But I agree with Hewitt on his anti-bureaucracy stuff, such as with the EPA and FCC. However, he is not for totally abolishing the EPA, the FCC et al., just getting “the right people to be in charge of them,” etc. So, he’s not entirely anti-bureaucracy.

And then there are Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, not on Salem Radio. I’ve been listening to them more recently because they are doing a good job in detailing the corruption in the Robert Mueller kangaroo “investigation” regarding “Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election,” and detailing how that not only wasn’t the case but that the Hillary Rotten campaign was the one that was in collusion with Russians to manipulate the election, and so on. So they are good with that stuff and being anti-ObamaCare. But then like Joe Walsh they go all collectivist and anti-private property with their anti-immigration stuff and “Build That Wall” crapola, as well as their worship of the U.S. military and whitewashing all the death and destruction overseas that such a belligerent hostile group has caused in the past 50 to 75 years.

Unfortunately, it seems that all of the above are bloodthirsty militarists who defend our government’s atrocities. Dennis Prager, who preaches morality, defends the wars, including the Vietnam War as I’ve heard him state several times now. 58,000 Americans dead for no good reason. He and others say that the war was to prevent the spread of communism. Because communism is a bad thing, Prager says. Well, Vietnam then became a united communist Vietnam, after 58,000 Americans dead, a million civilians over there, dead. And Iraq? The two George Bushes sent U.S. military to invade and bomb Iraq, impose sanctions, and invade Afghanistan and more. More millions dead, poisoned, crippled, their countries destroyed. And Trump’s CIA continues to bomb those areas with drones, targeting civilian wedding parties and funerals and rescuers, killing mostly innocent civilians. Not a peep from the Salem Radio personalities, the ones who preach morality.

But none of these people have anything on the Greats of talk radio of the old days, such as Jerry Williams. I still think that overall talk radio has declined in the past 20 years. There aren’t enough anti-authoritarian, anti-war, anti-State people in talk radio anymore.

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