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More News and Commentary

Andrew Bacevich says that Trump’s security strategy prepares for a “long war” without end.

Harry Blain says that 2017 was a banner year for the arms industry.

Doug Bandow asks, Why isn’t Europe preparing for a war with Russia?

Jacob Hornberger asks, Why are there still any foreign interventionists?

Brandon Turbeville on U.S. government funding ISIS.

Justin Raimondo says the “enemy within” is the “intelligence community.”

Zero Hedge with an article on DOJ questioning FBI agents on the Uranium One deal linked to Hillary Clinton.

Daniel John Sobieski on the biased Mueller investigation.

James Bovard on how quickly the New York Times forgets Obama’s lies and frauds.

Jesús Huerta de Soto has this libertarian theory of free immigration.

Lee Friday says that consumers are smarter than bureaucrats think. (Bureaucrats think?)

Laurence Vance says that Republicans support a trillion dollar welfare program. (Social Security)

Walter Williams asks, Why are leftists soft on communism?

New York Post with an article on communist mayor Bill de Blasio wanting government-owned news outlets.

Activist Post with an article on Big Brother installing surveillance cameras in places of worship.

Ran HaCohen comments on Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

And Walter Block provides some libertarian arguments regarding the military.

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