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Laurence Vance says it is time to shut it down (the government, that is).

James Bovard on American taxpayers’ funding Afghan child rape.

Ron Paul asks, Is North Korea really a “state sponsor of terrorism”?

Glenn Greenwald details how the imbeciles at CNN unwittingly and carelessly aired a “fake news” story without checking its sources or the actual information they were disseminating, and how CBS and MSNBC followed CNN’s lead. I suspect that someone, claiming to be an independent source but probably a Trump sympathizer, sent CNN the email with the “fake news” to show how CNN broadcasts “fake news.” Like, a “gotcha thing”?

That was after Brian Ross was suspended by ABC News without pay for four weeks for his false “fake news” story about Donald Trump asking Mike Flynn to communicate with the Russians while Trump was still a candidate, even though that actually happened after Trump won the election. Apparently, that fake news caused the Dow to fall over 350 points, which caused Trump to encourage those who lost money on that day to sue ABC.

What else is “fake”? That Mike Flynn actually did anything wrong. David Stockman details how the FBI committed a “blatant entrapment exercise with malice aforethought.” The FBI questioned Flynn based on his identity being unconstitutionally unmasked in recordings made of talks between him and the Russian ambassador, talks which uncovered no evidence whatsoever of any wrongdoings or “collusions” of any kind. The FBI had no reason to interview him in the first place, but they did so to get him to make statements which contradicted his precious statements on those recordings. It is a classic entrapment case. The real criminals here are the FBI. And it was probably for political reasons, with the possible intention of taking down the newly elected President that they don’t like!

As Sheldon Richman observed, the FBI is not your friend.

Jacob Hornberger on the mainstream media’s deference to authority in the JFK assassination. (Besides being purveyors of “fake news,” the media are also government stenographers, live in fear of the bureaucrats, and are spineless, obedient sheeple, in my view.) And Hornberger asks, What good are domestic military bases?

Zero Hedge with an article on FBI focusing on the leaker of the Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch tarmac meeting, rather than focusing on whether the meeting was an attempt to undermine the investigation of Hillary Clinton.

Wendy McElroy discusses civil liberties and central banks.

Scott Shackford with an article about the DOJ using the Bernie Madoff case to justify “asset forfeiture” (a.k.a. government theft of private property).

Don Boudreaux has some thoughts on the right not to contract (e.g. the gay wedding cake case), and says that trade restrictions restrict Americans’ freedom to “maximize the values of their incomes.”

Jeff Tucker says, goodbye Net Neutrality, hello competition.

Thomas DiLorenzo on the causes of the “Civil War” in the words of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis.

Gareth Porter on the debunked narrative of the “al Qaeda-Iran alliance.”

Washington’s Blog has an article on Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg who says that the U.S. military planned a first nuclear strike on cities of over 25,000 people in Russia and China and gave low-level field commanders the power to push the button.

John Whitehead discusses the Amerikan police state regarding those dreaded traffic stops.

George Leef on freedom of contract.

Richard Ebeling on capitalism and the misunderstanding of monopoly.

Chris Martenson says that if the Saudi Arabia situation doesn’t worry you, you’re not paying attention.

Jenna Gallegos and Jean Peccoud say that DNA has gone digital – what can possibly go wrong?

JP Sottile on Amerika’s military-industrial addiction.

And Shikha Dalmia shows how the immigration crackdowns are bad for Americans.

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