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I Don’t Support Current Tax “Reform” Proposals

I don’t support the tax “reform” bills that are going through the U.S. House and Senate right now. Some of the proposals remove the state and local tax deduction, and remove other deductions as well. Some middle-class taxpayers may be unfortunate to find themselves moved up to a higher tax bracket in the new 3- or 4-bracket scheme (whatever it is now), rather than moved down to the lower tax bracket, depending on what their income level is. Not only that, but the individual tax cuts will only be temporary, even though the corporate tax cuts are permanent, supposedly. And some people are saying “well how will we pay for the cuts because of the trillion-dollar deficit they will cause?” Nobody except for a few people in Washington is suggesting “cutting spending”! It’s all central planning scheming crap, as usual.

Now, if I were in Congress right now, I would not vote for these bills, or any tax proposals, even if they were permanent tax cuts across the board and without changing the brackets or removing deductions. I know, Laurence Vance and others say that any cuts in taxes or keeping deductions is a good thing.

However, what these tax cut bills are saying is: “We will keep the IRS and continue to take some of your income whether you agree to it or not. We will just take a little less from you — well, some of you, anyway — to make things a little easier for you. Temporarily. (Until we cause the whole economy to collapse like the Soviet Union while spending like drunken sailors in our enslavement of you, the ‘taxpayers’ and your hard labor to serve us, etc., etc., etc.”)

So these tax bills are continuing to empower the government to steal the people’s money, and continue to force the people to have to report their private financial, employment and business matters to the government (violating their 1st, 4th and 5th Amendment rights), information that bureaucrats have no authority to demand. And the stealing (which is the government demanding that you pay them a portion of your earnings involuntarily) is criminal. Generations of people have rationalized such criminality, especially since 1913.

So, if a tax bill proposes to abolish the income tax and the IRS and that’s it, then I would probably support that bill. “But how will we pay for all our important government programs?” Actually, most of what the federal government does in unconstitutional, because it is not authorized by the U.S. Constitution, and most of what the federal government does is also immoral and criminal. Everything from invading countries overseas that were of no threat to us and occupying and trespassing on foreign territories and bombing and murdering innocent people and causing blowback, to arresting innocent people for having or buying a government-disapproved plant, to funding baby-killing and all the rest.

If those who support all those things that government gets involved with think it’s all worthy then let them pay for it from their own pockets, voluntarily. Cutting off the Washington-Soviet parasites’ funding is the only way to restore a free society and avoid a full Soviet-like collapse.

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