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Evidence Shows Hillary Collusions, FBI Collusions, But No Evidence of “Trump Collusions”

There are people who still believe that Donald Trump and his campaign “colluded with Russians” to steal the election away from Hillary Clinton. There has been no evidence of such allegations, as told by members of congressional intelligence committees including Dianne Feinstein, and as told by director of national intelligence James Clapper, CIA director Brennan, FBI director James Comey and others. They all testified that there was no evidence of such allegations. And we know that Mike Flynn’s guilty plea of lying to the FBI was a case of entrapment. There are people who actually believe that Flynn pleaded guilty to “Trump campaign colluding with Russians,” etc. I hear this on the radio constantly in discussions of these issues.

Meanwhile, Democrats are after Jill Stein to release documents which may indicate her involvement in “Russian collusions.” They are clearly going after Stein to punish her for being a threat to Hillary’s chances of getting elected President, in Stein’s challenge from Hillary’s left.

However, what we are not hearing from the mainstream media is regarding the collusions by the “deep state” including the FBI in attempting to interfere with the election on behalf of Hillary! Justin Raimondo details how top FBI officials plotted in that regard. Further info on that from Zero Hedge. And Judicial Watch shows how the State Department plotted with Hillary to remove call records as well as emails in order to obstruct investigations into her shady dealings as Madame Psychopath Secretary. Zero Hedge also details how FBI edits to James Comey’s testimony exonerating Hillary Clinton were for the purpose of “decriminalizing” her activities in which there was evidence to show they were in fact criminal.

And there’s more from Zero Hedge: Ex-Spy chief admits role in “deep state” intelligence war on Trump. And, FBI deputy director cancels testimony, something “far more sinister” with Fusion GPS, a group which fabricated the “Trump dossier” for campaign opposition research against Trump.

As James Bovard wrote recently, yes, the FBI is America’s secret police. In fact, the whole “deep state” is. The FBI, NSA, CIA, and all the rest.

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