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Do The Gods Up There Not Like Libertarians?

It seems there might be something going on with “The Gods” up there who aren’t being very nice to libertarians these days. The latest well-known libertarian to have a medical issue is Lew Rockwell. According to Jeff Deist, president of the Mises Institute (which Rockwell founded, named after economist Ludwig von Mises), Lew Rockwell “continues to recover from a recent back injury,” and a “procedure performed earlier this week appears to have yielded tremendous benefit…” I think Lew is over 70 now. is one of the top libertarian websites, and he has written many books from a libertarian perspective.

Also just recently, co-founder and editorial director Justin Raimondo announced he has “late-stage adenocarcinoma cancer,” and is taking the drug “Keytruda” to help get rid of the cancer. He has since written in his Twitter or on the website that things are getting better. is run not by leftists but by Rothbardian “paleo-conservative” libertarians, including Justin. He was Nancy Lugosi’s Republican opponent in the 1996 congressional election. While I have ruthlessly and rightfully attacked Big Pharma in this space, I otherwise believe that some pharmaceutical drugs are important to save the life of someone who needs alternative treatments, regardless of side effects. If only we could get rid of protectionist patent laws and the FDA and its crony protectionist relationship with Big Pharma, I’m sure there would be many more life saving drugs available. Justin Raimondo’s books include Reclaiming the American Right and An Enemy of the State: The Life of Murray N. Rothbard.

Wendy McElroy is an individualist feminist libertarian who has also written several books, and she noted on her blog that she recently had some kind of surgery and it sounds like she’s recovering from that. She also noted on her blog that left-libertarian (“bleeding-heart libertarian”) economics professor Steve Horwitz wrote on his Facebook that he also has cancer, “multiple myeloma” and is getting treatment. I am lucky that in my mid-50s I have not had any surgeries or cancer. But who knows what The Gods up there might have in mind. Maybe the fact that I’m not a “well-known” libertarian is protecting me, who knows.

And then there was the violent assault against Sen. Rand Paul, who was attacked by his crazy leftist neighbor. He has made a good recovery so far, but his injuries were serious. Now, Rand is not as libertarian in his views or his Senate votes as his father the former Congressman Ron Paul. But he is still referred to as “libertarian” in some media outlets. But what’s going on here? Was the crazy neighbor acting on behalf of The Gods up there like they are sending a message to those of us who want to dismantle some of the criminally intrusive State apparatus? Am I next?

Earlier in the year, libertarian writer William Norman Grigg passed away at only age 54. This is his blog. Sadly, he had had many medical issues his whole life. He was a terrific writer with a much larger vocabulary than most of us. And he recognized the police state in Amerika for what it is now, was critical of local government police who act unlawfully, and was critical of the belligerent U.S. government foreign policy. At the same time Will Grigg was critical of the Soviet-like political correctness enforcers in our culture. And Ralph Raico also died, although he was much older, at 80. Dr. Raico was a historian and history professor, a Mises Institute senior fellow. Here is his extensive bibliography. (And he was not a big fan of Winston Churchill, that’s for sure.)

But I am hoping that Lew, Justin, Wendy, Steve and Rand have a speedy recovery, if they can. There aren’t enough libertarians out there now who are, at the very least, challenging and critical of the criminal State, let alone wanting to dismantle it.

So while I haven’t had cancer or any surgeries, I have had my share of medical ordeals, particularly in the late-1990s through the late 2000s. But the medical establishment needlessly made my situation worse throughout the ordeal, with bad advice by ignorant “doctors” and outright deliberately withholding important information, as well as their ritualistically giving me poisonous Big Pharma drug crap and its rotten side effects. I wouldn’t have the particular condition now if it weren’t for the ignorant or dishonest “doctors,” and I really believe that, quite frankly. I’ve been wanting to write about all that more specifically, but I’m not sure if I will. It’s very possible that the establishment “doctors” don’t like libertarians. But maybe The Gods up there have some influence, I don’t know. But I’m not as well-known a libertarian as the aforementioned people, so maybe I was lucky and escaped some more serious torture (or death) at the hands of The Gods up there. (Perhaps I should be saying “The Gods down there”?) Between The Gods up there and the ignorant and dishonest “doctors,” I’m surprised there are any libertarians left. (However, it looks like some of the good ones really are helping some of the aforementioned, to be honest with you.)

Now, if you’re a “well-known” libertarian and have had some serious medical issues recently, or have died, then maybe send me a note and I can add you to the list above.

Anyway, this hasn’t been a good year for libertarians. Although with the exception of the two major deaths noted above, the others mentioned here seem to be recovering well. I hope.

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