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Collectivist Crusaders Want Their Government Wall

Ann Coulter and Lou Dobbs were discussing the Trump agenda on Fox Business. And Miss Coulter stated that all of Trump’s destructive policies that she adores will be gone with the next President, except for the Great Wall that Trump will apparently build to keep out unwanted foreigners.

In the discussion, Coulter declares that “Only a wall is forever.”

First of all, does Coulter know that two-thirds of unauthorized immigrants (visitors without government permission) are those who have overstayed their visa, far outnumbering those who snuck through the border? How will a Government Wall keep the visa overstayers out?

I have already addressed the way these collectivists think on the issue of immigration, and their confusion between private property and public property. And forget those central planners in Washington attempting to control the movements of millions of people — that’s just impossible. The schemes that we have now and what Ann Coulter is calling for are socialist schemes, and they do nothing but cause further problems.

Government walls on the borders are socialist government walls on the borders. They are certainly not capitalist, they are anti-capitalist, anti-free market intrusions. But the anti-immigration crowd seems to be blinded by an emotional distaste for “outsiders.” A collectivist group-identity obsession with a desire to prevent outsiders from entering the territory, at the expense of free markets and private property rights.

True free-market capitalists are for a genuinely free market, in which everyone has the freedom to buy and sell, trade on an open market, and the only government restrictions are those which enforce laws against stealing and defrauding.

Regarding the Great Trump Wall that Miss Coulter thinks will be “forever,” she is wrong about the forever part (see Berlin). But if there is going to be a Wall along the border to keep people out, we already know from history that such a wall will be used by future administrations to keep the people in.

What will Americans do when Trump’s Government Wall is used by President Hillary or Bernie to keep the people in? You don’t think they would do that? In the style of Fugitive Slave Laws, the U.S. government has already been doing that or attempting to do that bureaucratically, by stealing more from those Americans who want to leave and live outside the U.S., in the government’s attempt to try to keep them in the U.S.

Wait until there is a physical obstruction to the people’s freedom, with guards, snipers and tanks. Good luck with that, Ann.

Even President Ronald Reagan understood that a Government Wall is a bad idea and that Government Walls need to come down.

Government Walls have no place in a free society. They shouldn’t be built in the first place.

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