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Why Do You Still Vote?

Well, this post is going to have to be another sarcastic rant, because I can’t believe how many suckers and dupes there are in America. Do you really believe the scam tax “reform” plan and “cuts” being proposed?

On those alleged “tax cuts” that Donald Trump and the U.S. CONgress want to impose, it appears now that they will raise taxes on lower- and middle-income taxpayers, according to Robert Wenzel. And you’ve probably already heard that while the corporate tax cuts will be permanent, the individual tax cuts will only be “temporary.” Huh? What are they doing over there in Washington? (A lot of snorting, grunting, and oinking, that’s for sure.)

For the actual workers of society, their tax cuts will expire at some point, and then their taxes will go up again. So how the hell will the commoners be able to really plan their financial futures when they know that at any time the government is going to suddenly start stealing more away from them?

And that’s in addition to moving some workers up into higher tax brackets, known as bracket “creep,” named after each and every member of CONgress who votes for this crap. Those “creeps.” Moving 10% up to 12%, and others from a current lower tax bracket up to a new higher tax bracket. (I may have heard that reported by the AP correspondent Soggy Megonner, but I’m not sure.)

And this is all going to happen as the thieves and robbers on Crapitol Hill take away many people’s deductions, which in and of itself raises their taxes. It makes them have more of their earnings stolen from them so that the Merchants of Death such as Boeing, Northrup Grumman and Raytheon are happy, along with all the other parasites who enrich themselves off the labor of the commoners.

These tax proposals in the U.S. Senate and the House are all central-planning fantasies. Well, they whine, we have to raise these people’s taxes while we cut those people’s taxes, based on our predictions of growth over 10 years, blah, blah, blah. No, bureaucrats, the truth is, your tax system is a theft system. You’re just stealing from the people.

And central planners can’t project growth or crashes because they can’t predict the future. (Although those with the Austrian school mindset are better at understanding cause and effect, that’s for sure.) But worse than all that is they refuse to cut spending! They’re snorting, grunting and oinking pigs feeding at the trough, worse than ever, worse than I’ve ever seen in my 50+ years.

However, those who know the history of freedom and free markets know that the more freedom there has been the more prosperity there has been. And that’s just a fact of history. As Ron Paul has said, get rid of the income tax and the IRS, and replace them with NOTHING!

And all this sexual harassment stuff in the news now. I am not at all surprised to hear someone with sexual assault or harassment complaints against Al Franken, the one from Minnesota who “won” his election probably thanks to felons voting illegally.

And Roy Moore, the judge from Alabama who has been accused of dating or sexually harassing or molesting minors while he was already into his 30s.

So, there has been his obsession with the Ten Commandments (Moore’s obsession, not Stuart Smalley), which he wants to place on public property. I say that’s fine with me, but you have to accept ALL other religious documents or excerpts to be displayed if someone wants to do that, including from the Qoran or even from a “devil-worshiping” religious group. Yes, a devil-worshiping religion. A lot of people scoff at that, but if we say that the government may not “establish” (according to the First Amendment), then the government may not have the power to decide which religions are valid and which are not. (No, I am not a devil-worshiper, I’m not an anything-worshiper. But a lot of ignorant, subservient sheeple are government-worshipers, oh well.)

Other than that issue with Roy Moore, there was this article by one of his staff attorneys who presented specific cases decided by Moore or from which he dissented, cases that show, supposedly, that Moore is actually good for liberty. Who knows. So what if he wants to date teenage girls while he’s 20 or 30 years older. At least they aren’t teenage boys, for crying out loud. (Sorry, that was a botched joke.)

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