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The Warmongeritis in Washington Needs a Cure

What’s going on with the warmongers in Washington? They are obsessed with continuing their bombing campaigns in the Middle East to provoke foreigners, and they want either a new Cold War with Russia or a HOT war with Russia, and for no good reason. It’s like war validates these clowns’ existence.

So I was listening to Hugh Hewitt on the radio who was playing a clip of Sen. Tom Cotton in a committee hearing this week interrogating someone from Twitter. The commissars also grilled representatives from Faceshnook and Google. So, I can’t believe all this, like it’s soooo McCarthy-like now, this paranoia among the parasites in Washington.

The high-and-mighties are concerned that Twitter et al. are censoring CIA twits but not RT. They see RT as an “intelligence” wing of the Russian government. Mainly RT is often accused of disseminating Russian government propaganda and disinformation via its news reporting and discussion.

Yeah? Well, I’d like to hear Sen. Tom Cottonhead explain the difference between the “propagandists” on RT and the propagandists on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, CBS, ABC and NBC, the New York Slimes and Washington Pest. He can’t. The propaganda and outright lies of those media outlets have been probably at their worst in the past year now, especially with the made-up “Russian collusions” story, regarding non-existent, no-evidenced collusions between the Trump campaign and Putin’s regime, when the evidence-based actual examples of “collusions with Russia” have been from Hillary Rotten Clinton and her “Foundation”! All this stuff is nuts!

If I were running Twitter or Faceschnook, I would censor government propaganda such as CIA, FBI, and so forth, because they have enough propagandists working on their behalf throughout the aforementioned mainstream media. They don’t need social media! If only the U.S. were decentralized, and without any Washington DC, we’d be a lot better off, because all they do there is intervene and interfere in other countries’ affairs, start wars of aggression against other countries for no good reason except to provoke foreigners, and spy on their fellow Americans and infiltrate and interfere with the lives of their fellow Americans here in the U.S.!

And then I hear on talk radio these calls to go after mosques and shut down speakers who preach or promote sharia law or jihad, and just plain shut down mosques entirely. Well first of all, the preachers and worshipers in the mosques have the right to that freedom of speech, just as you do on talk radio spewing your ignorance. And that mosque preaching or propaganda is not the real cause of terrorism, anyway.

But also, we already have U.S. government moles and informants infiltrating the mosques and intentionally radicalizing the young Muslim males who previously had no intention of committing jihad. Don’t the ignoramuses on talk radio know this? In fact, Sayfullo Saipov, the alleged New York City truck-killer was said by his neighbors from Uzbekistan to be a “normal young man,” and that the “family was normal, modern, wearing tight pants, no scarfs … They did not go to the mosque,” according to ABC News. So if that neighbor’s description of Sayfullo Saipov is accurate, then what caused him to get “radicalized” between then and now? The article does state that Saipov was interviewed by FBI in 2015, “but a case was never opened against him.” Did the FBI radicalize him as they have been doing to so many young, hapless patsies?

Do Donald Trump and his White House entourage even know that the FBI does this? Infiltrating mosques and not only intentionally radicalizing the young Muslim simpletons but FBI concocting their own plots for patsies to follow, providing them with materials, explosives, weapons, etc, only for the FBI to thwart their own plots? Would investigators do this in the private sector? (That’s a rhetorical question.)

Trump, in fact, has called for the death penalty for the alleged NYC truck-killer. And yes, “alleged.” Remember that? Remember “presumption of innocence”? What if he was set up? And no, we don’t know that he wasn’t set up, or that the captured suspect was the actual perpetrator.

For example, there are people who legitimately believe that Stephen Paddock, the dead alleged Las Vegas shooter was set up and didn’t actually do it. Anyone can be accused of anything, and anyone could be set up by especially government criminals. That is why everyone has the right to due process and presumption of innocence, and the right to a trial in which accusers present evidence and the accused has the right to challenge evidence and testimony.

But apparently Trump and the talk radio dittoheads do not understand due process and presumption of innocence. Trump tweeted, “There is also something appropriate about keeping him in the home of the horrible crime he committed. Should move fast. DEATH PENALTY!”

According to Fox News,

“We have to come up with a punishment that is much worse than what these animals are getting now,” Trump said in a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, also suggesting Saipov move to Guantanamo.

But sending Saipov to the military detention facility at Guantanamo Bay would require, at a minimum, classifying him as an enemy combatant, something the White House said they consider him to be.

“I believe we would consider this person to be an enemy combatant, yes,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said on Wednesday.

So Trump said, “We have to come up with a punishment that is much worse than what these animals are getting now.” Hmm, we already have reasons to suspect that Trump has not read the U.S. Constitution, and now he shows that he has not read its Eighth Amendment.

Now, if it can be proven that the alleged NYC truck-killer Sayfullo Saipov really committed the crime but was radicalized by the FBI, should those “investigators” then be charged with being accessories, or at least with negligence or involuntary manslaughter? Sayfullo Saipov has been charged not with being a “war combatant” but more appropriately he was criminally charged with supporting terrorism, murder and attempted murder.

But this “Send Him To Gitmo” mentality, this War mentality, has been a main part of the propaganda brainwashing that people have been getting on a daily basis especially since 9/11. The War-obsessed like those droolers on talk radio cannot possibly consider the idea that this terrorism stuff is a response to what our government in Washington has been causing for especially the past 25 years, since the end of the Cold War.

As Hans-Hermann Hoppe has noted in his introduction to The Myth of National Defense and in his book The Private Production of Defense (.pdf) and his article Reflections on State and War, the monopolized national security state apparatus in Washington mainly causes and provokes the terrorism and retaliation overseas from the people in those especially less developed countries (such as those in the Middle East) who don’t like their cities, their homes and their families being invaded, bombed and destroyed by the U.S. The retaliation is often referred to now as “blowback.”

I’ve mentioned plenty of times here how President George H.W. Bush started the first war against Iraq in 1991, the U.S. military intentionally bombed and destroyed water and sewage treatment centers and then the U.S. government imposed sanctions to prevent the Iraqis from rebuilding, that caused high rates of disease and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians by the year 2000, since before 9/11. In my view, and the view of those who are informed and not totally brainwashed by government propaganda, there wouldn’t have been a 9/11 had Bush not started that war. So there’s no need for me to reiterate all that at this time.

But here is Ron Paul during the 1990s referring to the wars and bombings that our government had been inflicting on innocents in the Middle East and elsewhere, warning that there may very well be a terrorist attack within our shores. (I don’t like the video-maker’s insertion of the 9/11 attacks footage, but I link to that anyway.) Also, consider Jacob Hornberger’s article Terrorism … Or War? from the year 2000, Sheldon Richman’s article Breeding Terrorism from 1999, Richard Ebeling’s article Terrorism, Anti-Terrorism, and American Foreign Policy from 1996, and Murray Rothbard asked in 1986, Who Are the “Terrorists”?

Our beloved and glorified U.S. government in Washington has been committing acts of violence and terrorism against foreigners, murdering millions of innocents for a century. And that’s the truth, as Edith Ann would say. Yet there are millions of moral relativists and naive sheeple in America who condone the aggressions, because they do not believe in the Golden Rule, and/or because they are brainwashed by years and years of government propaganda, as repeated word-for-word by the government’s sycophantic lapdogs in the mainstream media. And it needs to stop, this instant.

So, instead of the FBI deliberately radicalizing young patsies, and the CIA firing drones and bombing wedding parties and funerals and murdering innocent civilians on a daily basis, and the Pentacon continuing to send troops into areas where they don’t belong and keeping military bases on foreign territories with no constitutional authority, why not stop all this stuff, stop bombing and murdering innocents, and stop provoking primitives in already barbaric and repressive countries who then want to retaliate against us.

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