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According to this article in USA Today, “People with a history of ‘self-mutilation,’ bipolar disorder, depression and drug and alcohol abuse can now seek waivers to join the Army under an unannounced policy enacted in August, according to documents obtained by USA TODAY.

“The decision to open Army recruiting to those with mental health conditions comes as the service faces the challenging goal of recruiting 80,000 new soldiers through September 2018. To meet last year’s goal of 69,000, the Army accepted more recruits who fared poorly on aptitude tests, increased the number of waivers granted for marijuana use and offered hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses.

If you read further into the article, it only gets worse. I’m sure all those frothing militarists out there such as the Salem Radio talk show personalities are thrilled to hear those kinds of things about their beloved U.S. military. (Hmm, I’m beginning to refer to the “Salem Radio talk hosts” in the same way that Hugh Hewitt refers to those “Steelers fans,” and Rush Limbaugh says, “for those of you in Rio Linda…” I better watch my manners.)

And that reminds me, I heard Dennis Prager, another one of those Salem Talk hosts, say that the people on the left are “anti-America,” when in reality he and his ilk the neocons, they are the “anti-America” ones, because they are militarists and warmongers, warvangelicals, collectivists.

Militarism is the opposite of liberty, which was what America was founded upon.

As Jacob Hornberger pointed out in this article, many of the Founders including James Madison and Patrick Henry, were skeptical of even having a standing army. They knew from experience that a standing army would be used by the rulers to inflict tyranny on the people.

And, given all the times U.S. Presidents have sent the military into foreign lands for no good reason except to provoke foreigners and cause blowback, as Laurence Vance wrote in this article, “A military not strictly for defense of U.S. borders, shores, coasts, and skies is nothing more than the president’s personal attack force staffed by mercenaries willing to obey his latest command to bomb, invade, occupy, and otherwise bring death and destruction to any country he deems necessary.”

So given how authoritarian and obediently loyal the Salem Radio talk show personalities are to the U.S. National State and its Flag, I think they have no idea as to the real damage the U.S. military has wrought in their violence overseas, especially in the Middle East. Being obedient sheeple, they believe what the government and its national security state tell them, via the government’s spokespeople of CBS News, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, National Review and Weakly Standard. (And Rush and his dittoheads as well, quite frankly.)

Many people really believe that U.S. military are invading and occupying foreign territories to “defend our freedoms.” But the truth is, as Jacob Hornberger has noted in this other article as well, the troops are not defending our freedom. When people are invaders on other peoples’ lands and criminally destroying their homes and businesses, their schools and markets, how can those U.S. military invaders be said to be “defending our freedom”?

And as I pointed out in this article on martial law in Amerika, given the militarist, police-statist mindset that many have now in the “land of the free and the home of the brave,” if economic collapse and civil unrest occur here there is a good chance that the U.S. President and his minions, military commanders and governors will order “martial law,” i.e. turn the apparatus of war against their own people, which is the Constitutional definition of Treason.

Add to that, as the USA Today article above notes regarding the military’s admittance of depression sufferers and drug abusers, the lowering of academic standards for recruits (including training how to fabricate high school diplomas for drop-outs), and those soldiers who were admitted with violent criminal records. And we get soldiers who “just want to kill people at any cost,” as Spc. Adam Winfield observed which mirrored the disillusionment that Bowe Bergdahl felt when he was sent over to Afghanistan for no good reason. Some people (such as the Salem Radio folks and the Rush dittoheads) think that those guys are “traitors” for not showing blind loyalty to a corrupt government in Washington and its militarist criminality, but it’s really the opposite of that. The ones who sent those troops over there and who started these wars are the real traitors, in my view.

Another Salem Radio talk host, Michael Medved, recently wrote a book about the “American Miracle,” in which he really seems to believe that the USA is divinely inspired. Sadly, some people just live in a fantasy land of propaganda that whitewashes the U.S. government’s crimes over two centuries. And they naively believe the myths surrounding the legacy of Honest Abe Lincoln, the lies told about the U.S. military’s slaughter of tens of thousands in Japan, and so on.

And now we have hard-core militarists and warmongers in Washington at the controls, the generals McMaster, Kelly and Mattis. From them all the way down to the lowest-ranking enlisted men (and women, and transgenders, etc., etc.), we’re going to have a bumpy ride if there really is civil unrest and martial law in our future, with weirdos, misfits, psychopaths, degenerates, murderers, rapists, sexual assaulters, and depressed and suicidal maniacs confiscating private firearms, unlawfully detaining and falsely imprisoning innocent people, and who knows what else.

Eventually, the Anti-Federalists will be proven right. (Wait. They already have been proven right!)

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