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Thanksgiving Day in Amerika

Today is Thanksgiving. And tomorrow is “Black Friday.” What, only black people are allowed to do holiday shopping the day after Thanksgiving?

I really don’t have much time this week to write stuff, but here is my Thanksgiving day post.

Yesterday I heard Who Knewitt Hugh Hewitt on Salem Radio interviewing Hillary Rotten Clinton, and frankly it was like listening to Air America and Rachel Maddow. Talk about one softball after another. But Hugh Hewitt is very ambitious and I understand. (What? There’s no more Air America?) Did he ask her about the Clinton Foundation’s relationship with the Russians and the Saudis? What about Bill Clinton’s meeting with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac? God forbid. So is Hewitt really one of the media swamp creatures whose loyalty is to the State and all its apparatchiks? The Salem network is described online as a “Christian” radio network, not particularly “conservative.” (But should they have moonbats hosting?)

Dennis Prager is also on Salem radio. He’s extremely authoritarian in his mentality. You’ve probably seen some of his “Prager University” videos. I recently saw some of Sharyl Attkisson’s video on why no one trusts the mainstream media, and I was a bit disappointed. It seemed like maybe someone else wrote her lines, it didn’t seem like what I was used to from her writing or interviews I’ve heard. Maybe it wasn’t “anti-State” enough, which is what I think people need to be in their skepticism of the mainstream media, because the media are mainly propagandists for the State (especially the national security state), unfortunately. The talk radio personalities on Salem Radio are as well, in my view.

But regarding Dennis Prager, he’s been promoting his new book that will be released in a few months on the Bible. His commentary on the Bible that he says is his most important work in his lifetime. Well, given how authoritarian he is, I think we can expect an authoritarian interpretation of the Bible. Some people think the Bible already is authoritarian, but not entirely.

In contrast, Laurence Vance, a libertarian author and speaker who has degrees in history, theology, accounting and economics, is an expert on the Bible and who has written books on the Bible, most recently King James, His Bible and Its Translators, and other books, including several books on Christianity and war. Laurence Vance is clearly an antiwar Bible-believing Christian. (And here isĀ  Laurence Vance’s great recent article on feeling helpless against the IRS. Yes, it should be abolished.)

Sadly, many people who claim to be Christians (or believers in “Judeo-Christian values”) are warmongers and “warvangelicals” who defend the U.S. government’s many wars it has inflicted on other parts of the world especially the Middle East in these past 25 years. If you want to get a good sample of the “warvangelicals,” just listen to the Salem Radio personalities.

Hmm, what else have I been hearing on the radio, besides the show-biz celebrities, politicians, and media personalities who have been accused or admitted to sexual harassment or worse? Well, Mrs. Rand Paul, Kelley Paul has written an article on CNN stating that Sen. Paul is in a lot of pain even just to breathe. Rand Paul is the one who was attacked by a neighbor while mowing the lawn, and the vicious neighbor gave Sen. Paul several broken ribs and fluid in the lungs, and now pneumonia. Mrs. Paul scolded the biased mainstream media in their spreading false stories that the attack on Sen. Paul was because of a lawn care dispute, which she says it clearly was not.

I think our society is quite crazy now, with social and political activists resorting to physical violence, and with neanderthal males in positions of authority intimidating young females at the workplace to do illicit sexual things with them. Or now we have people who just physically attack people or shoot them like at the Republican baseball practice.

By the way, why do people have to have “sensitivity training“? They need to be trained to not act indecently, intrusively, or criminally toward others? Like apes and monkeys have to be “trained”? (Don’t call me a “racist” with my reference to “apes and monkeys,” most of the people recently in the news accused of sexual harassment are white people.)

It’s really a United States of Sodom and Gomorrica now. Like, what is going on with Judge Roy Moore who at 30 years old wants to date teenage girls, Harvey Weinstein who seems like a power-lusting psycho, Al Franken whom nobody really liked anyway, Kevin Spacey nutso, Mark Halperin and Glenn the “Hack” Thrush, and yes, even George H.W. Bush. Should we be surprised about the elder President Bush? After all, he starts a war on Iraq in the early 1990s, imposes sanctions and no-fly zones that results in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians which led to 9/11 and our beloved police state, and he’s now 93 and living a good life.

Happy Thanksgiving. Don’t drink and drive. And don’t argue with your mother.

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