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Some Misc. Items on What’s Going on in Amerika

After many Faux News personalities are accused of sexual harassment, especially Bill O’Reilly who had to pay some accuser $32 million to settle, and alleged sexual harassers Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey get dropped by their show-biz studios, now we have Judge Roy Moore being accused of some sort of thing with a teenager, and Louis C.K. being accused of “sexually inappropriate” behavior. (Who does he think he is, Pee Wee Herman?)

This reminds me of the 2002 all-year Boston archdiocese priests-molesting-and-raping-little-boys scandal. It’s like one after another now. Unlike those vultures, sickos and pervs, I was brought up to have a sense of decency and respect for others especially ladies. So I don’t know, I just don’t know.

But the fake news crowd wants to compare those pervs and neanderthals with Donald Trump, on a bus citing his bragging about “grabbing them by the pu**y” and so on, which he probably didn’t do, like most guys who brag. Melania is a very nice lady, and Trump’s two ex-wives have said they didn’t see him in the way his own false accusers have asserted. (But he is an economic ignoramus, that’s for sure.)

Speaking of The Donald, he was just in Japan and China, and now he’s in Vietnam. Please stay there, Mr. Trump. We’re better off here without you. His “tax-cut” proposals are turning out to be a total scam, as he is adding a fourth tax bracket after promising to bring it down to just three, and Speaker Ryan is now considering delaying cutting the corporate tax cut. No surprise there, given these envy-ridden covetous Rethuglicans.

The added tax bracket will be the highest one, the “soak-the-rich” tax, that our socialist President with the anti-capitalistic mentality couldn’t resist having. And I’m hearing Hugh Hewitt in the morning approving of that envy tax, as Hewitt is also calling for raising the federal gas tax, and imposing a tax on deliveries for Amazon etc. purchases.

Quite the Marxist there. If you can afford to get things delivered, then you can afford an extra tribute to the regime in Washington. It doesn’t seem to occur to these “conservatives” on talk radio in their Washington worship to suggest that the regime and CONgress cut spending. Whole departments, bureaus, agencies, commissions need to be thoroughly abolished. Most of what the federal government does now is not authorized by the U.S. Constitution. (They don’t care. The Donald certainly doesn’t.)

Another one of Trump’s scams is “import duties” or tariffs. Instead of letting American consumers have the freedom to buy whatever they want at the prices they feel are best for them, and from anyone anywhere in the world, the Trump “economic nationalists” prefer to punish and bankrupt Americans for trying to save money when they make their purchases, in the name of “protectionism.” And even with that kind of policy the regime isn’t even protecting American businesses because the gubmint is forcing them to have to buy their capital goods at higher prices rather than having the freedom to buy better quality capital goods at lower prices from foreign producers. Central planners just don’t get this. In a brief article, Mark Perry says that import duties are taxes imposed on and paid for by Americans, not foreign producers. (i.e. more tax hikes from The Donald.)

And Laurence Vance asks, What is the optimal top marginal income tax rate? After an important discussion in his article, he states: “Libertarians see things quite differently. From a libertarian perspective, the optimal top marginal income tax rate is zero. Libertarians would argue that not only should there not be progressive tax brackets that punish “the rich” and favor “the poor,” but also that there should be no tax on any American’s income in the first place. Libertarians maintain that taxation is government theft because acquiring someone’s property by force is wrong, whether it is done by individuals or by governments.” You betcha.

You see, “conservatives” like those Salem radio people Hewitt and Medved don’t get it when it comes to free markets and private property rights. Alas, neither does Donald Trump. The “conservatives” in Washington and on talk radio are socialists just as those on the left, but the difference is what particular agenda the ignoramuses on both sides want to use stolen loot from workers and producers to pay for.

Speaking of wacko socialists, one of the government-worshipers apparently decided to attack Rand Paul, giving him 6 broken ribs and a fluid in the lungs problem. Supposedly the reason for the violent unprovoked attack was a neighbor dispute, in which Rand Paul’s pumpkin growing and composting was not liked by his wacky neighbor. But because the FBI now believes the attack was politically motivated, because the alleged attacker had posted anti-Trump views, they are now considering upgrading the charges. Okay, now we can implement Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s remedy for the “bad neighbor problem.” This is a case where the “bad neighbor,” one who has become physically violent against someone, can himself be “physically removed” from the neighborhood. Okay.

That Rand Paul episode reminds me of the recent attack of a female bystander in Pittsburgh, in which passersby just ignored her on the ground and one took a selfie with her there. People are sick now.

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