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More Articles on Why You Shouldn’t Believe What the Gubmint Tells You

Jim Davies discusses market deniers.

Ryan McMaken explains why a small state is more voluntary than a big one.

Wendy McElroy explains the history behind how and why government outlawed private money.

Jacob Hornberger has had many good posts recently on the National Archives’ legally mandated release (or refusal to release) of documents related to the JFK assassination. Circumstantial evidence in the JFK assassinationNo “smoking guns” in the JFK records? The JFK cover-up continues. The Cunningness of the CIA’s JFK assassination cover-up. On Martin Luther King and Lee Harvey Oswald. And the National Archives as a lawbreaker and cover-upper.

Ray McGovern discusses the Deep State’s JFK triumph over Trump.

Zero Hedge with an article on WikiLeaks publishing the CIA hacking tool designed to “impersonate” Russia’s Kaspersky Lab.

Muckrock with an article on NSA wanting to use the “Espionage” Act to prosecute a journalist for making a FOIA request. (See how the cockroaches scamper when you turn the lights on them.)

The Intercept with an article on CIA Director Mike Pompeo meeting with NSA whistleblower William Binney.

Justin Raimondo comments on the “Trump Effect” of the mainstream media referring to the CIA interviewing an expert NSA veteran and whistleblower as “conspiracy theorist.”

Zero Hedge with an article on House Intelligence (sic) Committee demanding Fusion GPS bank records and suspecting that news journalists were paid by Fusion and the DNC to spread “Russian collusion” fake news. And an article on an FBI informant being threatened for showing details linking Clinton Foundation to Russian bribery case.

J.D. Tuccille on cynical politicians turning fake news into rallying cries for censorship (including Dianne Feinstein). And James Bovard has commentary on that as well.

The Daily Caller with an article on Hillary being targeted by Russian spies before she was secretary of state.

Karin McQuillan says that Obama stole the 2008 Democrat nomination with the help of the DNC.

Alex Newman says, on the Deep State, follow the Rothschild, Soros, and Rockefeller money.

Jay Syrmopoulos discusses declassified docs showing that the CIA poisoned an entire town with LSD in massive mind control experiment.

William Anderson on the New York Times and the “lost cause” of Bolshevism.

Zero Hedge on the U.S. Navy’s incompetence, being sabotaged or hacked, or all of the above.

Barbara Loe Fisher on why informed consent on vaccines is important.

Kalee Brown on HPV vaccines killing people.

James Bovard on Facebook censoring him for criticizing the regime.

Sheldon Richman says that dying for the empire is not heroic.

Erik Edstrom comments on George W. Bush being given an “outstanding character” award by the U.S. military academy.

Eric Margolis discusses the corruption in Saudi Arabia.

Michael Rozeff discusses the largest “enterprise,” the largest taking without just compensation, and the Fifth Amendment.

Walter Block says that capitalism, not government, will protect us from storms.

Richard Ebeling discusses capitalism and the free society. Part 1 and Part 2.

John Whitehead warns, Don’t call the cops if you’re autistic, deaf, mentally ill, disabled, or old.

Ilya Somin on why the rule of law suffers when we have too many laws.

Life Site News with an article on over 60 scholars correcting Pope Francis for “propagating heresies.”

Mac Slavo says that your bitcoin is not anonymous, as the IRS is moving to track bitcoin users with chain analysis tools.

D.C. McAlister writes about the hysterical anti-male agenda.

And Tom Knapp on movie makers’ decision to replace Kevin Spacey in movie after filming completed.

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