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Judge Roy Moore Being Given the Harvey Weinstein Treatment

By now, most readers are probably sick of hearing about Judge Roy Moore, the Alabama U.S. Senate candidate who is now being accused by several women of making unwanted sexual advances toward them or outright raping them.

I heard Moore’s interview on the Sean Hannity radio show. Hannity asked Moore if he had dated teenage girls of 16, 17 or 18 while he was already into his 30s, and Moore’s answers included, according to NPR’s review of the conversation, “Not generally, no.”

“Not generally“? So sometimes? Yech. Sorry, Judge. The correct answer to that is “NO!” Or even, “No. Way.” And so on. (Who in his 20s or 30s would even consider dating teenage girls? What the hell is wrong with some guy who can’t find someone his own age — or someone who isn’t a child — to date?)

I don’t even think it matters that some accusers are lacking in credibility at this point.

And Moore did admit to dating a teenage high school girl after speaking at her school. And now a new accuser has come forward and showed her yearbook that Moore allegedly signed. Huh? Since when do people sign the yearbooks of students or graduates, other than the other students or teachers at the school (except for perhaps family members)? Unless the signature is forged, of course.

Anyway, the Republicans and talk radio dittoheads are battling it out, with some sticking with Moore because they are afraid of seeing another Democrat get elected to the Senate, and others wanting him out. But what difference does it make? Those “Republican Revolutionaries” from 1994, the Republican majority under George W. Bush, the 2010 Tea Party victors and the 2014 conservatives who were in the Congress have done nothing but give us more socialism, including Medicare Part D, voting against repealing ObamaCare, and giving us the Patriot Act, TSA, DHS and NSA police state. In other words, they might talk a good game when it comes to promoting freedom and repealing the welfare/warfare socialist state, but once they get to Washington they become addicted to the power and join the one party in Washington, the Government Party.

So I think that, just as Ted Kennedy continued to get elected by the sheeple of Massachusetts knowing that he killed Mary-Jo Kopechne (which is quite worse than what Roy Moore has been accused of doing) and given what a loathsome degenerate Kennedy was, then I’ll bet that the sheeple of Alabama will elect Roy Moore, regardless of his being a loathsome degenerate as well.

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