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Authoritarianism in Amerika These Days

I’ll admit, my previous post was not the best written one I’ve ever done. It’s Thanksgiving. But a lot of issues in the news and on the radio talk shows are really frustrating now.

I’m glad that people are being critical of the college campus intolerance, the censorship, the Soviet-style conformity-impositions, and the Orwellian Two-Minute Hate orientations. And people are critical of the mainstream media, as they should be.

But as I wrote in my previous post, people are critical more because of the media’s leftist ideological agenda-driven “news,” (a.k.a. propaganda, a.k.a. “fake news”), but not as much because of mainstream media’s alliance with the State, which is the most important reason why people should criticize the media. That’s because a lot of the media’s critics are also True Believers in the State, particularly the centralized State, the U.S. government.

I really don’t understand why people especially conservatives and nationalists like those Salem radio personalities get so upset if someone such as those NFL players don’t want to stand for the national anthem, or recite the Pledge of Allegiance. The flag people get all emotional and even angry if someone doesn’t see the flag as they do. That’s because their allegiance, in my view, is mainly to the State which is represented by the flag.

So, I’m not someone who cares that much about a flag, and I’m certainly not an authoritarian as those nationalists are. I don’t care much about “making America great again,” as much as I want to see America free again, which I’ve written here before. I think that a lot of people, if given the choice, would rather have an America with less freedom and prosperity (as we have now) than freedom and prosperity without an America. For the authoritarians it’s Country First.

In other annoying news, this Breitbart article says that nearly half of “female” transgender inmates are sex offenders. At least in England. (It’s probably more than that in crazy US of A.) Does that mean that outside of the prisons those males who “identify” as females and who want to invade the ladies rooms and locker rooms and showers might really be sex offenders who just want to see the unclothed ladies (or worse)? I’m only asking, not accusing anyone of anything.

This Daily Caller article says that U.S. troops were told for years to ignore the sexual abuse of little boys in Afghanistan, because that’s a “part of their culture” there. Well, I’m not surprised that our corrupt military goes along with that crap, given that U.S. military have been excusing sexual assault within the military as well. What a sick culture. If you’re young and graduating high school and not sure what to do with your life, don’t join the military. No one should join the military, because the feds send you off to foreign places for no good reason except to invade, occupy, bomb and shoot and murder innocent people. (But you can now use the military as a means to surgically change your gender apparatus.) And also the military is not worth the permanent PTSD, being turned into a life-long cripple, not to mention crippling you emotionally so you can’t enjoy a relationship, a marriage, i.e. a normal life. (Oops, I’m not supposed to say “cripple,” but I don’t know what the PC-acceptable term is right now. Maybe James Watt knows.)

Speaking of the wonderful U.S. military, this article on Activist Post says that coinciding with Donald Trump’s escalation of hostilities in Afghanistan, the opium poppy cultivation has expanded. So, if your son or daughter, husband or wife or brother or sister has become addicted to heroin or prescription opiates, thank the U.S. military and CIA and their boss, same as the old boss, Donald Trump.

Also, another terrific article by Laurence Vance on whether to repeal the 2nd Amendment. Laurence Vance points out that the Constitution and its 2nd Amendment are irrelevant, because the right of the people to keep and bear arms is a natural right that all people have inherently, which preexists the formation of any government. Repeal the 2nd Amendment? Well, I’d take out the words “militia” and “regulated,” because those are too vague, and I think they were put in there by the centralists to be deliberately confusing. It should just say, “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be violated.” Period. (And there’s another recent article by Scott McPherson who says that gun control is elitist and wrong. Yup.)

You see, the authoritarians on the right (mentioned above) if given the choice would prefer to have a society with a heavily armed government and a disarmed civilian population, rather than a disarmed government and an armed civilian population as it should be.

So, there’s a lot of authoritarianism in Amerika now, from the moonbats on the Left and the flag-worshiping military-worshiping nationalists on the right. I really don’t know what to make of all this.

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