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Are We Doomed?

The first president of Facebook Sean Parker admitted that the original cast and crew at Facebook consciously and deliberately formed applications with “likes” and other “validations” for a “little dopamine hit every once in a while” for Facebook dupes and chumps. Tucker Carlson asks if Congress will call social media honchos in to discuss the “addictive” nature of such platforms in the same way they had the tobacco company executives testify about the harmful effects of smoking.

Well, I think that’s a bit hysterical. But, Dr. Delaney Ruston explained on the PBS NewsHour just how the screen time affects people’s thinking and behavior: She said that “dopamine (is) secreted in the brain’s pleasure center when we get new bits of information and we look at the screens …” And Dr. Ruston noted that there have been studies which looked at “MRI scans of the brain of kids who play a lot of video games, 20 hours or more of video games a week. And when they compare them to people who are addicted to, say, drugs or alcohol, their brains scans are similar…” In the PBS feature it was also noted that multitasking behaviors (such as “switching rapidly back and forth between digital devices”) studied on mice showed that such behaviors compromised the test subjects’ learning capabilities.

Hmm, perhaps this is why young cashiers don’t know how to make change unless their computer/cash register tells them how much to give back? Have you noticed this? They can’t subtract. But then, their math retardation could also be because the schools aren’t teaching adding and subtracting, multiplying and dividing, as well as reading and writing. Do they even use books anymore in schools? Is it all electronic devices? Hypnotizing the kids who are already zombiefied enough by all the Xanax, Zoloft, Adderall, and poisonous processed foods and food dyes. So they’re growing up using those electronic devices they shouldn’t be using, just as they’re being given terrible poisonous drugs they shouldn’t be getting.

And this trend in dumbing down is especially the case here in the good ol’ US of A.

The U.S. last year ranked 31st out of 35 developed nations in math, as well as 25th in reading. It will probably be worse for 2017, given these trends. And it’s not just because of “Common Core.” The schools have been infiltrated with social activists whose main concerns are indoctrinating the kids with nonsense human-hating ideologies like global warming and “climate change,” and the LGBT agenda with its irrational and abusive, made-up “transgender” stuff. A lot people believe all that stuff now. We have people on the left in mainstream media outlets nonchalantly calling critics “deniers” in an intentional and insulting reference to Holocaust deniers, and legislatures or city councils attempting to outlaw referring to a male as “he” if said male prefers to be referred to as “she.”

I know, there are some people who like my writing and my views on government totalitarianism, but they then feel offended by my realism when it comes to the transgender issue or the “climate change” fanaticism. Well, if you’re brainwashed by years of TV-hypnotizing and government school indoctrination, I think you should get yourself deprogrammed, quite frankly.

Related to the USA’s terrible educational ranking, its economic freedom also went down in 2017, since just 2016. The Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom for 2017 shows that the U.S. is #17, with the U.K. and the UAE being ahead of us. Now, why is that?

The “tax cuts” (sic) they’re currently attempting in Washington will be the usual scam, and that’s part of the problem. They will not make any actual necessary cuts in spending in the government budget, because the criminal parasites just can’t let go of all their agencies and bureaus, their little fiefdoms, and all their higher-than-private-sector salaries, perks and pensions. Washington is filled with very ignorant, selfish, covetous parasites, thieves and psychopaths. (I wonder what prescription drugs many of them are taking? But I digress…)

So, the U.S. will go back to being #1 in economic freedom like it used to be, if the criminal vultures in Washington (and in the states and cities, etc.) repeal their income tax-thefts and other intrusive prosperity-killing regulations. Just repeal the 1913 income tax. Dismantle the bureaucracies in Washington and close down the blowback-inflicting military bases abroad, and we’ll get our prosperity back along with our economic freedom.

But sadly, the brainwashed and screen-staring zombies of the next generation of “leaders” don’t understand those things. They believe in impossible things like “income equality” and they are told that “diversity” matters more than freedom. We live in a cult of cognitive degeneracy now.

And as far as the freedom of the Press is concerned, the Reporters Without Borders/Freedom House rankings show that America’s Press freedom has declined dramatically from 2006 to 2016. And it’s not just because of Presidents Bush, Obama and Trump. There are fascists on the right and on the left who want to censor the truth, especially when it comes to telling the truth about the government criminals in Washington, as Daniel Ellsberg, Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, WikiLeaks, James Risen and James Bamford and others have tried to do.

And now we have young college-aged snowflakes and 20-and 30-something millennials wanting to shut down the always subjective “Hate Speech.” If these trends continue, not only will we have no more Internet alternatives to inform us on what government is doing to us, but I’m sure CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox News, and others will also be shut down, and, as some U.S. Senators seem to want, the only available “news” outlet will be Government-Approved News.

No wonder so many young people are so depressed these days. A recent study by researchers at Columbia University and City University of New York showed that kids age 12 to 17 diagnosed with clinical depression increased significantly in the past 10 years, from 8.7 to 12.7, according to CBS News.

You see, a lot of people feel “depressed,” and then they are given those powerful antidepressants (which they shouldn’t be getting!) which then cause them to become even more depressed. The schools and pediatricians are giving the young people all these prescription drugs, and the drugs make the kids’ problems worse. Dr. Peter Breggin explains the studies which have shown this.

And Dr. Paul Andrews of McMaster University, whose research also shows that antidepressants cause or worsen depression, has shown in his latest research that antidepressants can increase the risk of death by 33% because of their interference with serotonin which is crucial for vital organ functioning.

Now, as I have written before, for those who are taking any of those drugs and want to get off them, to prevent a possible dangerous reaction to withdrawal, see Dr. Breggin’s book on psychiatric drug withdrawal, Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal: A Guide for Prescribers, Therapists, Patients and Their Families.

So in the future, will we have a population of drug-damaged, screen-staring brain-damaged ignorant zombies ruling over us? (It appears they already are, quite frankly.)

Can we reverse this whole trend? I hope so.

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