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The Las Vegas Mass Shooting: What Caused It?

64-year-old accountant retiree and “professional gambler” Stephen Paddock had no criminal record or apparent record of violence, but for some reason he allegedly went on a well-planned shooting rampage with a machine gun or fully automatic from the window of his 32nd-story hotel room in Las Vegas, killing 59 people and wounding over 500.

We know that Paddock spent a lot of time gambling and has won (as well as lost) a lot of money, like he made a living doing this. Part of that gambling supposedly included online video gambling, and it seems that he apparently spent a lot of time on his computer doing this.

I was thinking that, at age 64 Paddock might be a Vietnam War vet and perhaps had PTSD and/or was on some kind of psychiatric drugs. But supposedly he wasn’t in the military. And drug-influences do not seem to be the case here.

It was reported that his father was a convicted bank robber who spent years in prison until he escaped and was on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list, and was finally captured. That was in the 1960s when the current alleged Las Vegas shooter was only a little kid and in his teens. Obviously having to deal with a father like that while growing up can have an effect on someone. But supposedly Paddock had no record of violence or criminality. His brother said that this kind of incident is a total shock, very unexpected. Some people on the radio have expressed suspicion toward the brother that maybe there’s something going on there. But I don’t think so.

A caller to the Joe Walsh radio show said one theory of explanation could be that Paddock was some sort of patsy like with the CIA or FBI to instigate some sort of false flag. That would not surprise me, given the U.S. government and other governments’ record of known false flags, the FBI’s setting up patsies to engage in violence for the purpose of the FBI then thwarting its own plots, and CIA involvement in false flags as well.

And Becky Akers writes:

Well, well, well: killer immediately identified, “heroic” cops locate him, he’s now conveniently dead, his family’s shocked senseless at such uncharacteristic crimes, the usual suspects demand more control of gun-owners… The tragedy in Las Vegas boasts all the earmarks of a false-flag from the sociopaths who brought us 9/11.

But Paddock had a 64-year-long record of no violence or criminality, or even any known involvement with government ops. However, given the amount of time that Paddock allegedly spent on his computer playing video gambling (and I don’t really know what “video gambling” is — is that like playing video games, but with a gambling aspect?), it could be that he may have been yet another one of those computer/iPhone screen zombies, constantly staring into the screen, and possibly becoming hypnotized by the screen-video-interaction.

When people spend so much time staring into a screen, I think that regardless of what they are viewing or doing, it may become very easy for them to become “lost” in their screen-staring activities. I have noted just recently regarding the young people’s constant iPhone-zombie behavior, and linked some of that stuff with many of the young people being brainwashed via a combination of their 24-7 computer/iPhone-staring time and all the propaganda they are inflicted with by their peers, their teachers or professors, pop culture and so on.

In my writing about the Sandy Hook school shooter Adam Lanza, I noted the possibility that it may not have been as much the psychiatric drugs he supposedly was on, but his obsession with and perhaps addiction to video games.

In this article, I wrote:

Regarding Adam Lanza and his incessant video game playing, there are several articles online which seem to be distorting or exaggerating his use of violent video games. For instance, this Guardian article states that Lanza was obsessed with mass murder and listed only violent video games based only on some items police actually found in the Lanza home, while this Techdirt article clarifies that he also had non-violent video games such as Dance Dance Revolution, and it was that video with which the article claims Lanza actually was obsessed. This Hartford Courant op-ed agrees based on witness interviews that Lanza’s real obsession was for the non-violent video games, especially Dance Dance Revolution.

And I also speculated as to the possibility of Adam Lanza maybe having been “brainwashed” in some way, via the video games:

connections between the recent mass killings and implications of government-infiltration of media and use of drugs to “trigger” violent behavior in people, some of whom have claimed no knowledge of their even having committed violent acts.

Which should not be too hard to fathom, by the way, given that we now know that the NSA has not only collected video gamers’ chats, buddylists and geolocations but also NSA agents themselves participate and role-play in games and discussions as a means of extracting personal information and metadata and recruiting informants, specifically in Xbox Live and World of Warcraft. We also know that governments have instilled their propaganda in these video games.

So could it be that the 64-year-old retiree with no record of criminality or violence suddenly became (allegedly) the worst mass shooter in modern U.S. history because his mind was “hypnotized” by whatever psy-ops the U.S. military, CIA or NSA infiltrated into his online gambling videos? Or is it possible that he was kidnapped by such government shady elements and forced to be there in the hotel room where the shooting allegedly took place? Should we believe the testimony of all the various government police and S.W.A.T teams at that 32nd floor hotel room who allegedly stopped the shooting?

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