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John McCain, Bill Clinton, Yet Another Case for Total Decentralization of America

So now John McCain has received the “Liberty Medal” from the National Constitution Center. And I thought I heard everything. That’s like Harvey Weinstein getting the “Respect for Women” award or some such thing. (I’m sure some people have already made such a comparison.)

John McCain? “Liberty”? Do you mean anti-liberty? And this so soon after he was the lone vote against repealing ObamaCare.

Mr. Liberty has wanted to “Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran” for years and it looks like he’s going to get his wish. (Perhaps they meant the USS Liberty?)

And Bill and Chelsea Clinton were in Boston to harass and intimidate young people as part of their phony Clinton Globalist Schemes “Clinton Global Initiative,” probably uttering the word “sustainable” about a million times.

What a bunch of schmucks. McCain and Clinton, a bipartisan circus of statist buffoons.

Speaking of “liberty,” Donald Trump’s nominee for the Orwellian “drug czar” post, Tom Marino, has withdrawn his name for nomination, because of his getting a law passed to protect drug companies’ profits regardless of their involvement in the opiate addiction crisis. (Even though there is no place in a free society for government to get involved in drugs in any way whatsoever.)

Related to that, another corporate crony lobbyist, Mark Esper, is Donald Trump’s nominee to be Secretary of the Army. As Raytheon’s VP for “government relations,” Esper has squandered $473,000 of Raytheon’s PAC on U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee members, which has obviously enriched Raytheon with billions in military contracts. Perhaps next year the “Constitution Center” can give Mark Esper that “Liberty Medal,” as they did the warmonger McCain.

In fiscal year 2016, Raytheon raked in $12.8 billion from the Pentacon.

And then there’s James Comey. Between his time as U.S. Deputy Attorney General 2003-2005 and as FBI director, James Comey was “general counsel” and Senior VP for Lockheed Martin, another war profiting merchant of death which in fiscal year 2016 raked in $36.2 billion. Besides that bit of cronyism, Comey’s involvement with the Clinton Foundation explains his deciding not to pursue criminal charges against Hillary Clinton, another corrupt psychopath.

Can you imagine repealing the forced, compulsory, involuntary confiscatory income tax-theft by bureaucrats of Americans’ wealth and earnings? Gary North says repealing withholding and moving tax day from April 15th to the day before the November elections might change things. Americans have to stop being such gullible dupes and cut off the spigot that criminal parasites have been sucking on for a century or more.

And there’s this drug war neanderthal Jeff Sessions who wants to force tech companies who have their servers overseas to reveal customers’ account information, even though the U.S. government doesn’t have jurisdiction in areas that are not U.S. territories. As Tom Knapp notes, Sessions believes in “national sovereignty” when it comes to the immigration issue, but not when it comes to Sessions’s overreaching police state.

Again, there is no place in a free society for bureaucrats to dictate what drugs, beverages, food or chemicals the people may or may not ingest. Alas, fascists don’t understand this. They are thoroughly opposed to the idea of a free society.

Speaking of the FBI, Activist Post reports on evidence that FBI was behind the 2015 terrorist attack in Garland, Texas, at Pamela Geller’s “Draw Muhammad” contest. Again, there is no place in a free society for a government-run “bureau of investigations” or anything of an investigative nature to be monopolized by bureaucrats. All that happens is that such Soviet-like bureaus squander the tax money they receive (that wouldn’t be in such extravagant amounts if those agencies were in the private sector) and the bureaucrats are actually addicted to receiving such funds without any actual accountability (that would be required of them were they in the private sector), and they stir up trouble as an excuse to hike up their tax-funded budgets. (Private investigative workers don’t stir up trouble, or else, unlike the FBI, they’d go to jail!)

Scott Horton wrote in his book, Fool’s Errand, that it is time to end the war in Afghanistan. Well, it’s time to end that war, and all the other wars and U.S. drone bombings that do nothing but murder innocent civilians abroad and provoke retaliation. And it’s time to close down all those invasive and occupying U.S. foreign military bases all over the world and bring all U.S. troops back to the U.S. as well.

It’s also time to completely dismantle and close down the national security state, the CIA, FBI, NSA, DEA, ATF, as well as the IRS, the FTC, FCC, and all the other unconstitutional federal departments including Education, HHS, Energy, EPA, and so on. If it’s not authorized by the Constitution, then get rid of it. No more forced confiscations of the people’s wealth and property, no more crony-socialist redistribution of wealth schemes, end the plunder, end the death and destruction that Washington has wrought for well over a century.

Very sadly, most people have been duped to believe that we need the central planners in Washington to “keep us safe” or protect us in some way, even though the opposite has been the case. Just check out these very informative articles: The Production of Security by Gustave De Molinari, The Private Production of Defense by Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Foreign Aggression by Morris and Linda Tannehill, No More Military Socialism and The Myth of Efficient Government Service by Murray Rothbard, If Men Were Angels and The Living Reality of Military Economic Fascism by Robert Higgs, and Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy by Rothbard.

What we do need is freedom. We would have so much more freedom, prosperity and security if we could completely close down that criminal racket in Washington. Really.

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