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Increase in Gun Crimes in London

Breitbart: London surgeon reveals extent of city’s surging gun crime problem.

What is going on in England? Should they ban guns? Impose more restrictions?

Meanwhile, as I have pointed out several times, a high percentage of the perpetrators of mass killings in recent years had been taking very dangerous psychiatric drugs, anti-anxiety, antidepressant, and anti-psychotic drugs, including Xanax, Zoloft, and Luvox.

And we have now learned that the alleged Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock had been taking Valium, an anti-anxiety drug similar to Xanax.

And I have also mentioned recently, there’s something going on with this video game habit that some people have, as well as other forms of screen-staring like zombies, and that has played a role in mass killings, in my view.

Sorry to put it that way, but some people out there, maybe many people now, really are literally zombies as they spend so much time staring into their little screens.

Here is some more info on the U.K.:

The Guardian, July, 2016: Antidepressant prescriptions in England double in a decade.

The Guardian, June, 2017: NHS prescribed record number of antidepressants last year.

The Telegraph, May, 2017: Fears that American teenage prescription drug trend [Xanax] has arrived in UK as 20 youngsters taken ill in one city.

The Telegraph, July, 2017: Why is the UK video game industry growing so fast?

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