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Conservatives Need to Understand That Their Support of These Wars is Not “Pro-Life”

I just heard “conservative” radio personality Mike Gallagher discussing the congresswoman who criticized Donald Trump’s insensitivity toward a killed U.S. soldier. Gallagher was calling the congresswoman this or that and that her criticism of Trump was all political. Oh, well. These conservatives on the radio tend to side with the warmongers. I try not to let these talk radio people bother me, the Salem ones Gallagher, Prager, Medved, and of course Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. But I listen anyway.

Jacob Hornberger comments on Donald Trump’s remarks to the widow of the killed U.S. soldier that the soldier knew what he signed up for. (Or he should have known.) A lot of people believe the myth that the U.S. soldiers are fighting “for our freedom,” and so on, when in reality they are fighting for the sake of building the egos of U.S. government bureaucrats, the profits of the “defense” industry, for covetous resource-grabbing, and for hegemony and control as Jacob Hornberger notes. And then there are a lot of people who know all that’s the case, yet they blindly and obediently support the government and will not question those policies. I think that many warmongers, neocons and conservative sheeple fall into either of those two categories, quite frankly.

But as Hornberger points out, we’re not really allowed to say the truth out loud. He writes:

When he signs up to join the military, every U.S. soldier knows that America is not under any foreign invasion or threat of invasion. He also knows full well that he is now required to obey the orders of the president to go to Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Korea, Vietnam, or anywhere else to kill or be killed. While the soldier inevitably gets convinced that it’s all for “freedom” here at home, it’s all a lie because no one in those faraway lands is threatening the freedom of the American people.

But here’s the rub: No one is supposed to say that. Everyone is supposed to say that U.S. soldiers are killing and dying overseas to keep us safe here at home and to protect our rights and freedoms.

It’s a lie that is repeated all across the land, including by those who criticize President Trump for lying. It’s repeated in big sports events, airports, and even church services, the one place where you would expect truth to be stated.

Notice that even while criticizing Trump for his horrifyingly truthful statement to Mrs. Johnson, no one asks the important question: What in the world was La David Johnson or other U.S. soldiers doing in Niger?

In fact, once again the alleged military “deserter” Bowe Bergdahl is in the news. He has given a “naked plea” of guilty to desertion. As usual, the dittoheads, neocons and conservative sheeple on the radio have been condemning Bergdahl as a “traitor” and all the rest from the beginning of his controversy, without knowledge of the facts (which many of the conservatives have been accusing those on the Left of doing in their own causes).

Kelley Vlahos has an article in which she mentions a 2012 profile of Bergdahl by the late Rolling Stone writer Michael Hastings. (Hastings subsequently died in a suspicious car crash.) But Bergdahl had legitimate criticism of the war he was sent to go serve in and sacrifice for, unlike most (if not all) of the talk radio dittoheads and conservative chickenhawks, who were never in the military. Vlahos writes in that American Conservative article that “Hastings’ story was the first to suggest in detail that Bergdahl was disenchanted with the war in language that many critics of the Afghanistan-Iraq counterinsurgency policy would recognize. In increasingly dark emails written to his family and shared with Hastings, Bergdahl spoke openly about being deceived by his country and how he was ‘ashamed to be an American’.” Vlahos provides this quote from the Hastings article on Bergdahl’s emails:

Bowe wrote about his broader disgust with America’s approach to the war – an effort, on the ground, that seemed to represent the exact opposite of the kind of concerted campaign to win the “hearts and minds” of average Afghans envisioned by counterinsurgency strategists. “I am sorry for everything here,” Bowe told his parents. “These people need help, yet what they get is the most conceited country in the world telling them that they are nothing and that they are stupid, that they have no idea how to live.” He then referred to what his parents believe may have been a formative, possibly traumatic event: seeing an Afghan child run over by an MRAP.

But a lot of people really gullibly believe that bureaucrats in Washington have been sending U.S. soldiers to their deaths to “defend our freedoms” and so on, even though that has not been the case for many decades, as Hornberger pointed out.

And Americans do not seem to have learned anything from the Vietnam War. In this other American Conservative article, Peter van Buren writes that Ken Burns’s documentary on the Vietnam war is “no profile in courage.” And in this liberal “Common Dreams” article, Vietnam War protester David Zeiger writes that Vietnam War protesters have nothing to apologize for. (That’s because they don’t.) And in this article on the Intercept, Nick Turse writes that Ken Burns’s documentary glosses over a devastating civilian death toll. And besides the 2 million civilians murdered in Vietnam, there were the million civilians slaughtered by the U.S. military in North Korea during the Korea war, and on and on.

And that’s another problem with today’s conservatives: their moral relativism. While they condemn street criminals murdering innocents, and they condemn people having abortions, they still continue to rationalize all the murders of innocent civilians that our government and the U.S. military’s soldiers have caused for decades and decades. It is really sickening listening to some of these guys on the radio. But, I listen anyway, maybe because I’m a masochist. They’re good on the political correctness stuff and the college campus craziness, though. Although they show further hypocrisy in their condemning of college censorship yet call for the imprisonment or firing squad for Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, and also in their condemning of people who criticize Israel’s government.

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