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Such Anger at “Disrespect for the Flag” Is Because of the “We Are At War!” Mentality

I was listening to Hugh Hewitt this morning, who was discussing the NFL-national anthem controversy. And Hewitt stated why the national anthem and “respect for the flag” is so important now, because “we’re at war.” That’s the warmongers and neocons’ mantra in their defending the Bush-initiated wars and police state.

I then realized, oh THAT’s why so many people are so offended by NFL players kneeling and protesting the national anthem and the flag.

It’s the “We Are At War!” mentality as Glenn Greenwald described in this article.

Even though, the truth is that we are NOT at war. The real “war” is the U.S. government’s war on freedom, and on our security. We are less safe now than we were before 9/11, not because of Muslim fanatics, but because of our government’s aggressions overseas.

Since 9/11, the bureaucrats of the regime in Washington greatly escalated their aggressions against the primitives and barbarians of the Middle East, aggressions that the bureaucrats have been inflicting for decades (.pdf) and decades. Those aggressions have been provocations.

Most people don’t understand such truth, because of their short attention spans and their gullibility in obediently believing everything bureaucrats tell them. For example the fake explanations for 9/11 (such as, “They hate us for our freedom and values,” etc, etc.), even though 9/11 happened as a response to our government and military’s invasions, occupations and bombings over there since well before 9/11. And when one points these things out, the typical sheeple response is “You’re blaming America for 9/11!” when no, America had nothing to do with it.

Try to stop confusing the country of America with the government in Washington, please. The major contributing factors for 9/11 were our damn government in Washington, its provocations overseas, and this worship of militarism, Big Government expansionism and central planning.

So, this false patriotism and fear-mongering has been going on especially since 9/11. The propaganda-spreaders of the mainstream media helped to promote the first Bush war in Iraq in 1990-91 and its subsequent sanctions throughout the 1990s which led up to 9/11, and the MSM propagandists have been mainly repeating word for word what the bureaucrats have been telling us since 9/11.

So a very good explanation for why such intense anger toward NFL “flag-disrespecting” kneelers is that “We Are At War!” mentality — for 16 years since 9/11 the American people have been brainwashed with propaganda to “rally around the troops” and “support the President” or support the war. Supposedly it’s a war between Islamic extremists and the West, when in actual truth it has been a war started by the regime in Washington long ago to poke at the hornets’ nests of the Middle East and provoke people in more primitive and barbaric cultures, “in search of monsters to destroy,” especially since the end of the Cold War, to justify the bureaucrats’ continuously increasing “defense” bureaucracies and tax-funded budgets, and satisfy the militarists’ hugely inflated egos and thirst for blood and resources in foreign lands.

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