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Russia Did It? (Nope, the U.S. Government, as Usual)

Sharyl Attkisson says it looks like Obama did spy on Trump, just as he apparently did to her.

William Binney and Ray McGovern discuss the more holes in the Russia-gate narrative.

Kristina Wong discusses former FBI director James Comey’s attempts to discredit Trump’s later-proven accusation that Obama Admin. wiretapped Trump Tower.

Mac Slavo on “Russian collusion”: Hillary Clinton invited Vladimir Putin to “pay for play” event.

Aaron Kesel discusses the U.S. government’s announcement that hackers targeted 21 states’ elections systems, but neglected to mention the DHS hackers who did the same thing.

Glenn Greenwald on yet another Russia story, on Russia hacking U.S. elections, falling apart.

Jacob Hornberger says that North Korea would be stupid to trust the U.S. government.

William Jasper on the pattern of Democrat officials promoting Antifa mayhem.

Caitlin Johnstone with an article on spies, Hollywood and neocons teaming up to create a new war propaganda firm.

James Bovard on Juggalos’ beef with FBI, no laughing matter.

Justin Raimondo asks, Why did Robert Mueller obstruct Congress’s 9/11 probe?

Paul Sperry with an article on the Saudi government allegedly funding a “dry run” for 9/11.

Wendy McElroy discusses the exit strategy of empire.

Carey Wedler with 7 truly terrible things the CIA has done in 70 years.

JP Sottile says that Trump’s generals fatten the Pentacon.

And Max Blumenthal writes about CONgress’s gargantuan new military spending bill giving big bucks to Israel and Ukraine.

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