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NFL Players Protesting the National Anthem

What is this NFL players kneeling instead of standing for the national anthem? Does anyone know? It’s just their way of protesting?

Unfortunately, those protesting players are protesting for the wrong reasons. For instance, Colin Kaepernick is protesting what a “racist country” the U.S. is. Well, there are racists in America, but it is not a “racist country.” Who the hell voted to elect Barack Obama in 2008? (White people.) And who the hell voted to reelect Barack Obama in 2012? (White people. Racist white people?)

And why is Donald Trump criticizing the NFL protesters? Is he feeling triggered? He’s been traumatized by people who are critical of some of the negative aspects of America, such as racism, and so on. You know, this political correctness stuff works both ways. With the authoritarian nationalists like Donald Trump it is politically incorrect to refuse to stand for some song, or to refuse to recite the Pledge of Obedience. So he’s the one here with the PC intolerance, in my view.

And the players are protesting the U.S. for the wrong reasons. Why don’t they say anything about U.S. military and CIA bombing and murdering innocent civilians overseas? And the drug war, and the TSA molesting children, and the police state, and so on.

That said, the way to resolve these situations with the NFL is by way of contract. The NFL should clearly state in the players’ contracts that if the league wants them to stand for the national anthem, then put it in the contract. If they don’t stand, the players will be fined $50,000 or whatever. It’s that simple. Of course, as we’ve seen in the news this week, some of the league owners stand with the protesters arm in arm.

But as far as freedom of speech is concerned, you don’t have a right to express your political views on your employer’s property. The employer is the one with that right.┬áThis property right can be compared to a publisher of a newspaper who has the right to refuse to publish something from a reporter, a columnist or whatever if the publisher doesn’t want that in his newspaper. It’s privately owned property. The league owners can fire those players if they want to. (Most of those kinds of contracts already have clauses regarding acceptable behavior, right?)

And if the game attendees are so offended (like the poor little college snowflakes) by players kneeling in protest, then just don’t go to these games. That’s a matter of consumer choice.

I’ve always hated football anyway, and couldn’t care less about this. It’s a bunch of grown men running into each other and bashing their heads together and getting concussions and then suing the NFL, even though they’re grown men and should take responsibility for their own decisions and actions. They would have to know that if they’re going to bash their heads together they will probably get concussions.

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