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Libertarianism Opposes Government Controls Over Education

My previous post on the main aspects of libertarianism (self-ownership, non-aggression, voluntary exchange) can and should be elaborated.

Another way of putting it as far as why libertarianism is the only philosophy that promotes freedom is that it includes the idea of “Live and Let Live.” I really wish that liberals or progressives and conservatives had more of an understanding of this.

For example, the statists want government to control the kids’ education. Leftist statists generally love federalization, i.e. centralized control over the kids’ education that we have had in the U.S. especially since 1980 when the federal Department of Education was imposed.

Conservative statists generally oppose that centralization, but still favor state and local governments having control.

The main difference between the two sides is their social agendas each wants the power of the government to force on the kids (on their neighbors’ kids). They don’t have a sense of “Live and Let Live,” and they come up with all these excuses as to why they oppose full privatization and that government should be in control.

The conservatives mainly want to instill a sense of “patriotism,” which to them includes saying the Pledge of Allegiance to a flag and singing the national anthem. They also want the government schools to teach “Judeo-Christian values” and the Bible, even though that’s unconstitutional. Oh, how the conservatives on talk radio get angry when someone like Colin Kaepernick (or kids in school) doesn’t want to stand for the national anthem, a song that glorifies war and killing, or doesn’t want to recite a ritualistic pledge of obedience to the government. For the conservatives, schooling is not about learning as much as it is about “respect for authority” (especially government, police and military).

For those reasons, the conservatives generally do not want to let go of local government control over the kids’ education. They don’t like the idea of eliminating local school committees and privatizing the schools. They don’t approve of repealing truancy laws, either.

The libertarians, however, love the idea of home schooling and privatizing schools. And that everything in education is voluntary. There would no longer be those arguments over dress codes, “zero tolerance,” reciting or not reciting the Pledge, and so on. The market would resolve those conflicts. Oh, how the conservatives hate “the market”!

But the liberals and progressives on the other side of the social agenda are just as bad, or worse. They are concerned with race, obsessed with racism to the point of their being the racists of today. They are concerned with “equality,” with forcing a certain number of female students in STEM classes whether the female students are interested or not. And the liberal and progressive activists are concerned with pushing their views of sexuality onto kids, including younger kids who are too young to be concerned with the “LGBT” agenda. Many activists are deeply disturbed, in my view, and they feel the transgender agenda is very important. Certainly much more important than the kids learning math and reading comprehension.

But since the activists know that most of the community reject their agenda if the education field were solely voluntary and privatized, that is why the activists insist on the extra forceful and compulsory nature of federalized involvement.

But just regarding the entire elimination of the federal Department of Education, the conservatives are so addicted to centralized power and control even they don’t like that idea. Look at the current education secretary, Betsy DeVos. Is she moving in any way to restore that control back to the states, at the very least? Nope.

And some people respond, “But if we privatize education then no one would have an adequate education, we’ll just have a bunch of dumb kids growing up to be dumb adults.”

Well, what do you think we have now? Look at all the young people in their teens, 20s and 30s who show so much historical ignorance. They are so dumb and brainwashed now that they believe that actual physical violence is justified against people whose ideas they don’t like, and that such opposed opinions are the things that should be banned by law. Talk about Orwellian.

And as I mentioned here, many of the young are on harmful prescription drugs as well as consume foods with other harmful chemical-laden substances that affect their thinking (well, not “thinking” but their brain activity, if there is any).

Just look how the educational ranking of the U.S. has sunk in all categories from reading to math from #1 to #35 or worse. Thanks to government education, government schools and government controls. Especially since the federal Department of Education began in 1980.

Look at all the iPhone-addicted zombies with their text-obsessions. In fact, I was returning to my building with groceries and this young guy was just leaving, totally involved in whatever he was staring at in his phone. Don’t leave the door open for me, pal. That’s okay. I’m only in my mid-50s. I’m sure if I was in my 70s it would’ve been the same thing. I hope he slips on a banana peel. (Just kidding. I’m a grump right now.)

So the liberals and progressives as well as the conservatives love authority, government authority, intruding itself into the kids education, which is really indoctrination not education.

And what is the libertarian aspect of this? Well, libertarians oppose the police state, which is really what all this comes down to. If parents don’t comply with the educrats’ diktats forced down on the kids, the government police will be called and the non-compliant will be taken off to the hoosegow and the kids will be seized by CPS. Or if the kids don’t follow “zero tolerance” rules, or if they express something interpreted as “racist” (or are merely accused of it), the kids are now arrested. So, the government-lovers in education are the police statists.

The problem is that early Americans abandoned the libertarian “Live and Let Live” philosophy of freedom that was a part of the country’s founding. The one institution that does not respect the lives and freedom of others is government, federal, state and local. But the people took it upon themselves to inflict government and its police powers into the education system, sadly.

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