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Libertarianism Gets the Hatchet Job from the Left, the Right, and from Within

Alleged “libertarian” Stefan Molyneux tweeted “Assist Mexico by sending 11,000,000+ relief workers to help right now!” in response to Donald Trump’s tweet supporting the people of earthquake-ravaged Mexico. I guess the Molyneux tweet implies that he supports the current federal government central planning controls over immigration.

And then I saw another recent tweet of Molyneux’s: “To stop illegal immigration @realDonaldTrump needs to #BuildTheWall – no amnesty! #AmnestyDonald?”

While I hadn’t been that much familiar with Molyneux, I had thought he was a libertarian, and that he promoted “freedom.” His Wikipedia entry notes that he supports the non-aggression principle, a “stateless society,” and free markets.

Apparently not, if he wants central planners in Washington to build a government wall on the border, and believes that human beings need to get a bureaucrat’s permission to travel and find a better life for themselves and their families. I can’t believe the simple-mindedness in support of a government wall, like that will stop the many more immigrants who overstay their visas. (But it will be effective in keeping the people in, for sure.)

And the cluelessness of “libertarians” who support government controls over the movements of millions of people, which is impossible. What these so-called libertarians are really supporting is the police state, as Jacob Hornberger pointed out. These so-called libertarians support the government police stopping innocent people who are not suspects and being questioned by gubmint “authorities,” detained and asked for “your papers,” and possibly arrested.

These police-state libertarians also support anti-market economic controls over businesses and employers who, according to actual libertarian theory, otherwise have a right to employ who they believe to be the best for the job, which is the free market. Businesspeople and workers requiring a bureaucrat’s approval is not the free market, that’s “socialism”!

Sadly, Molyneux seems to have this collectivist mentality in which the population as a whole has a right to exclude foreign newcomers regardless of what private, independent individuals and groups want in their following the principle of private property rights.

And Robert Wenzel has a post on how the ignoramuses at the Washington Post smear libertarianism from the Left, some of whom have been propagandized to believe that there is some sort of “pipeline” between libertarianism and the so-called “alt-right.”

Wenzel is correct in stating that libertarianism doesn’t include neo-Nazis, who believe in central planning, centralized government controls just as much as the anti-liberty leftists. The difference between the leftists and the white supremacists is that their social agendas don’t seem to coincide.

As Wenzel notes, libertarianism is about freedom. Why are the smear merchants so opposed to that?

Libertarianism is the advocacy of self-ownership. Each individual is a self-owner. And libertarianism is about the non-aggression principle. Don’t initiate aggression against others. Don’t use physical aggression against others, don’t violate the persons or property of others. This is not complicated. And so don’t steal and don’t defraud, etc.

And naturally libertarianism also includes opposition to the State. We libertarians oppose the State no matter who is in charge, Trump, Obama, Reagan, whichever schmuck sock-puppet the people have propped up. That is because the State is a monopoly, an artificial institution whose existence is based on aggression, based on compulsion and coercion, not based on voluntary contracts. So many brainwashed people including many libertarians continue to rationalize the State as a “necessary evil,” “beneficial,” “important for security.”

You need to be deprogrammed, folks.

Here is what Murray Rothbard wrote about the State, in The Anatomy of the State:

The State, in the words of Oppenheimer, is the “organization of the political means”; it is the systematization of the predatory process over a given territory. For crime, at best, is sporadic and uncertain; the parasitism is ephemeral, and the coercive, parasitic lifeline may be cut off at any time by the resistance of the victims. The State provides a legal, orderly, systematic channel for the predation of private property; it renders certain, secure, and relatively “peaceful” the lifeline of the parasitic caste in society. Since production must always precede predation, the free market is anterior to the State. The State has never been created by a “social contract”; it has always been born in conquest and exploitation. The classic paradigm was a conquering tribe pausing in its time-honored method of looting and murdering a conquered tribe, to realize that the time-span of plunder would be longer and more secure, and the situation more pleasant, if the conquered tribe were allowed to live and produce, with the conquerors settling among them as rulers exacting a steady annual tribute.

And as I wrote in this article on libertarianism:

consumers choose voluntarily to patronize various businesses, and they voluntarily establish mutually beneficial contracts. However, if one party uses some kind of coercion or threats against the other, we would call that something of a criminal nature.

Libertarians believe in voluntary associations, relationships and contracts. If something is involuntary or coerced, then it is not only illegitimate but it is criminal. Libertarians believe in non-aggression. Obviously it would take the initiation of aggression to force someone to obey the bureaucrats’ authority.

Did you voluntarily consent to some various people or agency having some kind of artificial authority over your life? Did you actually ponder the legitimacy of some politicians making up new laws or rules that you must obey or prohibitions that you must avoid, whether you agree with it or not?

Now, if you support the income tax, which is involuntary confiscation of private wealth and income, then you are not a libertarian. Not only is that scheme in the absence of a voluntary contract but in it the government demands from you your private personal information that is none of the bureaucrats’ business, just as it’s none of your neighbors’ business.

The government carries out those demands by way of threats, coercion, and violence. You are no longer a self-owner, but you and your labor are the property of the government.

There are “libertarians” who support these government confiscations of private property. These people are statists, socialists, fascists, communists, anything BUT libertarians!

The same thing with ObamaCare or any other health care scheme imposed by bureaucrats. The government demands from you, your doctor or hospital your private medical information. There are “libertarians” who support these things. They don’t believe in private property and private property rights, privacy, or voluntary contracts.

And some people seem to have a mistaken view of libertarianism when it comes to social matters. No, taking drugs, smoking marijuana, etc. is not “libertarian.” Promoting the freedom of the individual to do those things, associated with self-ownership, is the libertarian view.

Racism, white supremacy, sexism, etc. are not “libertarian” views. There are no “libertarian” social views. The libertarian believes in freedom of thought and conscience. So in freedom you can have racist views, or non-racist views. You can believe in white supremacy if you want to, or not if you don’t want to. You can believe in black supremacy, male supremacy, female supremacy, American supremacy, whatever. Whatever stupid thing your little heart desires. However, you can’t act out your views if such acting out might violate the persons or property of others.

Libertarianism is about freedom. Freedom of speech, thought and conscience, freedom of belief, freedom of association, freedom of non-association (the freedom to not associate with others based on anything you want, even if you’re a racist ignoramus), freedom to live and to protect oneself from the aggression of others and possess the arms to do so, etc.

In relationship to the State (if there must be a State), libertarianism also generally supports the right to due process and presumption of innocence. If someone accuses you of something (of a crime, of being a racist, of “hate crime,” anything that’s “bad”), you have a right to require the accuser to present evidence to prove the accusations. As we saw with the “antifa” riots recently, some people literally pointed out people at random, called them “Nazi” and physically beat up on them. Not good. Those antifa should think twice about that anti-social, violent behavior, because some day someone will accuse them of something (like the gubmint accusing them of being a “terrorist” without evidence and imprisoning them indefinitely) and their not having the ability to require the accusers to present evidence will cause them much harm.

For more on libertarianism, read The Ethics of Liberty by Rothbard, Jacob Huebert’s book, Libertarianism Today, and I have a list of recommended books most of which are of a libertarian viewpoint.

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