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What a Shame the Corrupt, Police-Statist Sessions Won’t Resign as AG

Attorney general Jeff Sessions says today that he has no plans to resign, following Donald Trump’s public criticism of Sessions in his recusing himself regarding the Russia-Russia-Russia investigation. That’s too bad. We can do without a thieving crook fascist as attorney general. He wants to strengthen so-called civil asset forfeiture. That is, government police and prosecutors stealing from innocent people their cash, not even charging the victims with crimes, just stealing their money away from them. That is why I call Sessions a “thieving crook fascist” without hesitation.

According to the WaPo, “A 2015 Institute for Justice report found that between 1997 and 2013, 87 percent of the Department of Justice’s forfeitures did not require any criminal charge or conviction.” Jeff Sessions is a former prosecutor. I think he has some loyalty to his fellow prosecutors and all the government police I’m sure he helped to loot the public. These government bureaucrats really don’t believe in the “rule of law,” as they constantly brag.

Speaking of police, Becky Akers writes of the latest episode of police hysterics, in which a lady called government police, thinking they would help her son who had just broken up with his girlfriend. Here’s a shocker: the government police came over and shot the guy dead. (Hmm, that sort of thing never happens!)

Becky writes:

This time, it’s a young man depressed over breaking up with his girlfriend. He retreated to his bedroom, explaining to his parents that he wanted to be alone. But his girlfriend had already called the cops because she was “[c]oncerned about his state of mind.” Mistake #1.

Mistake #2: “[His mother] felt certain the police would help her son. The great-granddaughter of a small-town police chief in New York, she said she has always felt safe around police.” Meanwhile, his poor dad not only talked to the cops when they called, per the girlfriend’s request, he later phoned the thugs again. You won’t be surprised when I tell you the police of Hingham, Massachusetts, sent a small army, including a SWAT team, to “help” a guy who only wanted some solitude for his broken heart. An all-night siege ensued, I kid you not. As the article’s headline puts it, “His parents said he just needed to sleep. A SWAT team came instead.”

In the meantime, never, never, never, NEVER call the cops. NEVER. NEVER. These homicidal maniacs will kill you and your family soon as look at you.

Some of the talk radio personalities I listen to absolutely worship the government police, mainly because they worship government, a.k.a. the State, in my view. There is nothing that government’s armed “men in blue” could do wrong or that gets criticized by the conservatives. As commenter “Donxon” wrote in Robert Wenzel’s blog regarding government police planting drugs to criminally frame innocent people, “What is it with conservatives and cop-worship? It’s juvenile and silly, like a 6 year old being obsessed with Spider Man.”


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