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Soviet Amerika Created by the Alleged Anti-Commie Government Goons and Spooks

This past week Donald Trump has been in Poland. Please stay there, we’re better off with him there, anywhere but here. The conservatives on talk radio have been defending him like they would with Ronald Reagan. Well, even though I disagree with Trump on just about everything, I do appreciate his manipulating the mainstream media into exposing their true beings from within their drug-burned brains. They are bending over backwards to expose themselves as partisan hacks.

Now, I’m not a collectivist and I don’t believe in group identity politics, but I can say that most of the media are not for telling the truth, for getting the entire who, what, where, when, why, how, etc. Their news coverage is agenda driven, and now it’s to the point of lying and making stuff up, such as the “Russia-Hacking-the-Election-Russia-Trump-Collusion” lies.

It’s made up, but many of them in the media actually believe the “Russia-Hacking-the-Election-Russia-Trump-Collusion” lieĀ  because that is what the top intelligence people have told them, despite the lack of evidence to prove those assertions. I’m not even sure the people in the intelligence community actually believe it. And that is because they themselves are agenda driven. Supposedly the G-men and spooks are fixated on the Commies-Are-The-Enemy narrative, but some people don’t particularly believe their sincerity because the NSA, FBI and CIA are aware of the CIA’s (and others’) ability to hack or manipulate a computer device and leave the cyber fingerprints of others to blame (such as Russians) for the hacking.

I wonder what the conservatives and talk radio dittoheads have to say about Donald Trump’s sending federal agents or FBI/ATF goons in to local districts to enforce local or state laws, such as gun laws. Adam Dick writes about the feds now helping Chicago and other districts in confiscating “illegal guns.” I wonder what all the anti-gun control pro-2nd Amendment conservatives think about all that.

The Posse Comitatus Act is supposed to restrain the military from getting involved in local law (sic) enforcement, but should there be some sort of rule against other federal goons from engaging in such local “enforcement”? When we have federal agents roaming the streets in Amerika, and if you support that, then you may want to re-read Article III Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution, which defines Treason, referring to mainly those who would turn the guns and enforcement apparatus against the people of the states, including the kind of unconstitutional Chicago gun-grabbing about which Adam Dick writes.

And what could possibly go wrong with such a policy? After all, this current President Donald Trump thinks that eminent domain is a wonderful thing, he believes in central planning on steroids, government-controlled trade and universal health care, he won’t touch entitlements, and he’s a militarist warmonger despite all his rhetoric in 2016. So why should we assume that his pro-2nd Amendment rhetoric in 2016 was actually sincere?

Unfortunately, I think that the conservatives’ love and adoration for armed government authority and government police outweighs their alleged support of the right of the people to keep and bear arms. i.e. if there were a choice between having an armed citizenry and a disarmed government or an armed government and a disarmed citizenry, the conservatives would choose the latter.

And Trump called North Korea “dangerous,” yet, as Tom Knapp pointed out, while North Korea hasn’t invaded another country since 1950 (that being South Korea), the U.S. government has invaded and bombed many other countries and caused the deaths of millions since then. But the True Believers in “American Exceptionalism” think that’s okay. The U.S. is above the law and the U.S. government can act lawlessly and murderously with impunity. America is God’s chosen nation and it rules the world. Get those gooks, Donald. Right?

And what a government we have in Washington, with only a few members of Congress supporting legislation to ban the U.S. government from arming and funding terrorists, as Alice Salles writes about regarding the Stop Arming Terrorists Act, sponsored by Rand Paul and Tulsi Gabbard. In the same way that we could put Planned Abortionhood out of business, and other rackets, we could end the U.S. government’s welfare for Boeing at al. by repealing the 16th Amendment, as well as the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and the Revenue Act of 1913. (By the way, 1913 was a very bad year, in case you didn’t know.)

Once this country had allowed the federal government (or even state or local governments) to demand payments from the people without any voluntary contract, and made such transactions involuntary, then you have legalized and institutionalized theft and the enslavement of the people and their labor.

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