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Repealing ObamaCare, and Asset Forfeiture

It appears that the newest revision of the Republicons’ “Repeal and Replace” of ObamaCare does not have enough votes in the Senate. So now they are considering a full repeal and not replace, a repeal which they already voted on in both houses and sent to Obama who vetoed it in 2015.

Yes. Repeal ObamaCare. The problem is, however, that if the repeal passes and Trump signs it, they will delay it for two years. So they can figure out a “replacement plan.” Sorry, but just replace it with freedom. No delaying the repeal, please, because there’s no reason to delay the repeal.

Repeal it now, root and branch, and just let the insurance companies, medical patients and consumers, doctors and hospitals all make their own adjustments. They can and will do this, and more people will have what they want in health care and afford it, if you meddlers in Washington would just get the hell out of their way!

But no, the control freaks want to have a “plan” in place. Well, excuse me, but every one of your government plans sucks, and destroys what you are intruding yourselves into. Just look as bankrupt Social Security, Medicare, and everything else from the drug war to the Iraq war. You people in Washington really suck at everything you try to do, because it is not your place to get yourselves involved in health care, retirement planning, or nation building.

No more government plans, please.

And also in the news was the ignorant attorney general Jeff Sessions, who is actually worse than Janet Reno, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and John Mitchell combined. Sessions is bragging about wanting to increase “asset forfeiture” thefts of innocent people by police and DEA/FBI/ATF thugs. Doesn’t Sessions understand the ideas of due process and presumption of innocence? This neanderthal ignoramus is a vicious drug warrior, is totally opposed to free market capitalism when it comes to immigration, labor, and employment, and he wants government police to steal from people who have not been convicted of anything. And worse, he wants to steal from people for acts that are totally peaceful, non-crimes such as involving drugs, in his fascist drug war. I hope he is impeached or fired by Trump because this Sessions guy is incredibly ignorant and his policies are as un-American as you can get. Perhaps replacing Sessions with Judge Andrew Napolitano would be a good idea? Sessions really needs to read the U.S. Constitution, because I don’t think he has ever seen it.

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