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National Review Endorsing Soviet-Style Healthcare?

The crazed neocons at the National Review are now pushing single payer health care. National Review in the past was known as a “conservative” magazine, but obviously not now. In the video below, NR executive editor Reihan Salam explains why single payer health care should be considered (to further take the entire medical system down with the rest of Titanic Amerika). He obviously was inspired by SovietCare. (I thought the people at National Review were against communism…)

Salam begins by saying something nice about free markets, but then says you have to have a “safety net,” i.e. a government safety net. He makes the assumption that government must “step in” when people are going bankrupt to get expensive medical treatment. But the question is, will government step in in a “sane, sensible” way that saves taxpayers money, or will it step in in a way that costs huge amounts of money for those providers who are “gaming the system”?

Now, we’re talking about government, you know. “Sane”? “Sensible”? “Sane and sensible government”? What planet is he on?

So, Salam makes all these irrelevant points, and seems to be throwing in some pro-free market talking points at times. But the point is, he really is suggesting that conservatives and Republicans perhaps ought to get with the Democrats on single payer. However, he may be merely propagandizing on behalf of more federal government control over the people, which is what the national security state seems to want and would explain why this push for single payer, or nationalized government-run health care. That wouldn’t be a surprise given National Review‘s history as a CIA front.

Salam should read Soviet dissident and defector Yuri Maltsev’s article on Soviet medicine, as well as Anna Ebeling’s article. And try considering why exactly ObamaCare is failing and why totally free markets in health care would be better for everyone.

Nevertheless, Salam really does crack me up with his Twilight Zonish, Star Trekish facial expressions, and Tucker Carlson also with his “trying to wrap my brain around your proposals” perplexed face throughout the interview.

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