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Hate the State

Like Murray Rothbard, yes I “hate the State.” And I love freedom. There are many good reasons to hate the State, as Rothbard wrote about the hundreds if not thousands of them.

And there is plenty of cognitive dissonance on the part of conservatives who constantly criticize those on the Left for being “authoritarian,” and for promoting censorship and the politically-correct police state, while at the same time the conservatives are constantly endorsing the police state. They LOVE armed and uniformed government police with a passion, those talk radio ditto-heads. Why, the worst are the Salem radio talk hosts, especially Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved and Dennis Prager who are really State-worshiping authoritarians whose love of the State is dripping with moral relativism as they preach “moral values.”

But most of the American people don’t listen to talk radio, yet most of the people are authoritarians themselves, people who don’t really have a good understanding of the concepts of unalienable rights as noted in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution, which attempts to protect the rights that all human beings have inherently, rights which preexist the formation of any government and which preexist the formation of any nation.

According to the Daily Sheeple, Keith Wood was convicted of jury tampering, because he was outside on a public sidewalk handing out pamphlets which describe how juries have the right of nullification if they are to decide on what they believe to be unjust laws. Wood obviously has a right to be on the public sidewalk and distribute his literature. That’s thoroughly protected by the First Amendment. But sadly, Wood was the victim of a statist jury, most of whom probably went to government schools and were indoctrinated to trust that all laws on the books are just laws. The statist jury was convinced that Wood was guilty of trying to influence a jury by handing out pamphlets on a public sidewalk.

And the “judge” wouldn’t let Wood’s attorney inform the jury of their rights, or even use the First Amendment as part of his defense, according to Reason.

Well, yeah he was trying to “influence” them by informing them of their rights which he has a right to do, and they have a right to know. What, you think the judge or prosecutors are going to inform the jury that they have a right to nullify bad laws? Sorry, not in statist Amerika, where prosecutors and judges have quotas and who like to carve another notch of “guilty” on their statist belts.

And another example of cold-blooded murderous incompetence by government police this week has been when Southaven, Mississippi government police went to the wrong address, and they shot an innocent man, Ismael Lopez who had no criminal record or any warrant against him, shot him dead from outside the closed door to his home, and they lied about it by accusing him of having a gun which he didn’t have.

And the suspect they were supposed to arrest, at a home across the street, says that he has been dragged into a dispute with false accusations.

These are yet further reasons why not to be a brainwashed, authoritarian government-police worshiper.

As I wrote in my post three years ago (with a link removed) on privatizing police and national security,

Sadly, many Americans worship the local government-monopolized police, and would never consider “privatizing” such an endeavor. In a recent article, William Grigg describes the way policing monopolies have developed into a worshiped caste of gods for whom the average Joe and Mary must kneel and fall to the ground. (Many other articles by William Grigg describe one situation after another how this phenomenon has developed, in just about every district throughout the People’s Republik of Amerika.)

And Bill Buppert has a five-part series just recently, titled, “Badged Serial Killers: the Growing Murder Culture of Cops.” Part 1 concentrates on the cops killing of animals, Part 2 concentrates on “peace officers” cruelty against children, Part 3 discusses the cops’ war on women, Part 4 deals with cops’ violence against elderly people, and Part 5 discusses the cops’ violence against disabled people. By Part 5, Buppert notes that the police-criminal apologists are probably glad the series has ended.

Also, see the Cato Institute’s blog on police misconduct, Radley Balko’s articles located at HuffPo, Washington Post, and the website Copblock.

I don’t think that statist authoritarians would like the idea of privatizing local community policing and security, because that would take power and authority away from the State. A lot of people went through 12-16 years of government schooling (or government-controlled private schooling), had a lot of flag-waving government-worship indoctrination, and were brought up to never question government authority, especially uniformed, badged and armed government police.

I doubt that Donald Trump would go for the privatization stuff. He’s a police statist, as we have seen from his and AG Jeff Sessions’s vicious drug war escalation, and Trump’s anti-freedom, nonsensical trade and immigration policies. Trump is all about central planning and government authority. Freedom and free markets are not on his agenda.

But recently Trump demonstrated his understanding of liberty and the Constitution in his tirade against due process, presumption of innocence and common decency, when he belched (according to Reason), “when you see these thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon,” … “And I said, ‘Please don’t be too nice.’ Like when you guys put somebody in the car and you’re protecting their head … You know, the way you put their hand over, like, don’t hit their head, and they’ve just killed somebody. Don’t hit their head. I said, ‘You can take the hand away, OK?'”

After reminding readers that it’s “illegal for law enforcement to beat or otherwise use excessive force on suspects who are presumed innocent until proven guilty,” Reason noted, “in Suffolk County, New York, where Trump was speaking, a police chief was sentenced last year to four years in prison for orchestrating the cover-up of the beating of a [suspect].”

And then there’s the government police “asset forfeiture,” in which the “men in blue” steal cash from innocent people most of whom wind up never even being charged with any crime. According to WaPo, government police stole more from innocent victims than actual burglars did in 2014. I’m sure The Donald is proud of that.

You see, in a just, moral and civilized society, all people would be equal under the law. Everyone is accountable under the law, regardless of one’s occupation, wealth, or social status. And no one has official authority over others.

But what a mistake it was in the “civilized” West to have the community assign to the agents of the State some kind of arbitrary legal authority over others. That’s nuts. It’s an open policy that some people (agents of the State) are permitted to commit criminal acts against others, and get away with it.

But the talk radio ditto-heads love it, because they love authority, especially government authority. And they have no real understanding of the Second Amendment, which was written to reaffirm the right of the individual to keep and bear arms, which is a part of the right to self-defense, not only to defend oneself from common street criminals, but the right to defend oneself from government tyranny as well. Alas, the authoritarian State-worshipers don’t get that.

What we are seeing is a developing full-blown tyranny in the police state of Amerika. Sadly, the deniers who love and worship government authority just don’t see any comparison between what Amerika is becoming and Nazi Germany or Soviet Union. And yes, it can happen here.

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