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Utter Hysteria from the Worldwide Climate Change Cult

Donald Trump has announced that the U.S. will leave the Paris climate agreement. Good. However, he now says that he might rejoin the U.S. to some agreement but that would be a “better deal” for the U.S. Not good. All government deals or agreements or treaties are bad, in my view. No Climate agreement, no “Iran deal,” no NAFTA, no more government deal-shmeals.

But that is not what I am discussing here. This is about the hysteria going on regarding this climate stuff.  The hysterical reactions are based on ignorance and fear-mongering, unfortunately.

Now, the people who refer to “science” are not referring to science, but junk science. They are mainly referring to computer models, not actual empirical evidence. And this obsession with CO2, do they know that humans exhale CO2 and that all plant life requires CO2 to survive? In fact, I have heard some people mention that warming might be good for the world, because warmer climates help vegetation to grow and there would be more food available for more people. (The problem with some warmer areas, such as Venezuela, however, is that those socialist governments seize control over food production and distribution, thus causing shortages and empty shelves, violence and rioting. But I digress.)

And skepticism (a.k.a. “denial” to the simple-minded crowd) is an important part of science and the scientific method. You have data but it must be confirmed by evidence so you question and challenge, etc. etc. Not so, say the True Believers. But the alarmists have been accusing skeptics of being “deniers,” just as religionists accuse non-believers of being heretics.

And yes this alarmism is a religion. I see the Climate Change/Global Warming True Believers as like the national security True Believers, who believe without question the government and media’s propaganda about the “war on terror” especially since 9/11, and that the real danger is “Islam” and “Islamic radicals,” and who call truth-tellers like Ron Paul “Isolationists” or “unpatriotic” or worse, and who call Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden “traitors” for revealing government and military criminality. Those national security True Believers are similar to the climate change True Believers, in my view.

The “Climate Change” True Believers are also like the “Russians hacked the election”/ “Trump campaign colluded with Russians” True Believers, even though former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said that there was no evidence to back up the “collusions” allegations, and former FBI chief James Comey and NSA director Mike Rogers both testified that there was no evidence to show the election was “hacked,” or that any voting machines were manipulated or that any votes were changed. And those who should know better — in the news media who actually report on those testimonies — nevertheless give their newscasts and discussions with the stated fact that “Trump-Russians colluded” and “That the Russians hacked the Election,” and so on. I suspect that some of those news people such as the hosts of “Meet the Press” and “This Week” do know otherwise but have been guiding their discussions with those false assumptions anyway, for whatever reason. So it seems to me that many in the scientific community also know better than the assumption that “97% of climate scientists agree” on this or that and that the whole alarmism campaign has been skewed, but they go along with it anyway because they need their tenures and their (mainly government-supported) paychecks and government grants.

So those people are not helpful when it comes to the millions and millions of indoctrinated victims of government and media fear-mongering regarding “global warming” and “climate change.” (By the way, it’s the sun that’s mainly increasingly warming up the Earth, and by a billion years from now will dry up the oceans, and in 7 billion years will suck the Earth right into it. But don’t tell anyone I said that.)

But how come so many millions and millions of people believe the propaganda? They must be right since so many people believe the hysteria. Right? And all the propaganda as they have been emotionally manipulated by images of poor little polar bears and so on.

But there are millions and millions of people who believe that Jesus is THE “son of God,” and THE “savior.” So, since millions and millions of people believe that therefore they are right about Jesus. Right? I’m not saying anything about Christians. Just that they believe. So they have the Word, the Way, the Light, and the Truth, as Jerry Williams used to say. And in the same way, the Climate True Believers have the Word, the Way, the Light, and the Truth. Again, I’m not comparing Christians to Climate True Believers. But the Climate Change/Global Warming stuff really is a religion.

So the Climate Change True Believers also include the crony capitalists who have something to gain from tax dollars via the Climate regulations/taxes, and would have gained from this Paris Climate Agreement. Supporters of the agreement like the idea of taking wealth away from the most prosperous countries (like the U.S.) for redistribution. So punish the U.S. which is one of the least polluting countries but don’t punish India or China which are the most polluting countries. (Makes sense to True Believers.)

By the way, if you are interested in an honest, non-government-force alternative to resolving some of these problems, see Murray Rothbard’s Law, Property Rights, and Air Pollution. It is a classic.

The Climate Change fanatics’ main goals are expansion of government and its police and wealth-confiscation powers. In fact, the goal of most social and environmental causes is taxation, higher taxes, more taxes, more wealth confiscations of the workers and producers of the so-called civilized world. (Well, stealing is not so civilized, however.)

The activists and their followers are like what we saw in the very popular recent book by Thomas Piketty. His main thrust (if you don’t mind my calling it that), his main priority is not as much to raise the standard of living of the poor, not as much to raise the income levels of the poor, but much more to bring down the income levels of the wealthy, the productive, those who actually create the wealth of society and provide jobs (which they would do more of if their ability to do so weren’t taken away from them by the Pikettys and the Al Gores of the world, who are mainly guided by envy).

And yes, the “Climate Change”/”Global Warming” crowd really are “fanatics.”

When people label others “deniers,” or when journalists ban those with opposing views, those are fanatics. And when people call for criminally prosecuting and jailing those who are skeptical of alarmism, those witch-hunters are real fanatics. (And loony-tunes, in my view.)

So now Elon Musk is leaving The Donald out of ignorance, along with some other government groupies. But let’s hope Ivanka and Jared go with them, as they are not needed there. And take their SJW lunacy with them, please.

Speaking of loony SJWs, the ignorant college snowflakes at Evergreen College are locking faculty members in rooms and taunting them and harassing them, and the 67-year old college president is caving to their demands, apparently. He actually lived through Vietnam War protests (You know, actually legitimate protests?), and grew up in the days when there was still some common sense and rationality in society. But, he might be caving to demands out of fear of being killed. I think these “snowflakes” are downright dangerous and they might really start killing people, just like a lot of the climate fanatics might start killing “deniers.”

These Evergreen College kids and many in other colleges now, as well as all the young people who grew up being terrorized by Al Gore and “Inconvenient Truth” lunacy, are our future leaders and power-controllers, folks.

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