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Time to Give the Central Planners in Washington and the U.K. a Dishonorable Discharge

That title is similar to a title for an article I wrote some years ago. The central planners who rule over us are power-hungry control freaks. But many of them now are so over-zealous in their hunger for power and control that their crimes of murder, theft and corruption are more and more visible. We’re talking about real psychopaths (or sociopaths, if you prefer), in my view.

There are many articles now on the Internet that are still not covered by the mainstream media. So I am glad that people like Justin Raimondo link to some very important items on their Twitter. For example, this article by Mark Curtis suggests that one of the London attackers was part of a British covert op in Libya, “trained by U.K. and U.S. ‘liaison’ officers.” That’s typical.

The U.S. and U.K. “national security” central planners train militants (or those who are not militants but become militants by way of CIA/MI6 psy-ops and training) to commit jihad. Central planners do the stupidest things, in my view. And they also have been assisting these jihadists in their revolving door from Libya to the U.K. to Syria, back to U.K., etc. Really stupid, those government central planners.

In the U.K., I think that MI6 is their equivalent to the CIA, while MI5 is their FBI. And GCHQ is the U.K. version of NSA.

In this article, Curtis states that the Manchester bombing was blowback from “overt and covert actions of British governments.” And Nafeez Ahmed in this article says that the “terrorists who rampaged across London on the night of 3 June were part of a wider extremist network closely monitored by MI5 for decades. The same network was heavily involved in recruiting Britons to fight with jihadist groups in Syria, Iraq and Libya.”

“Closely monitored by MI5 for decades”? That just shows how sincere those central planning bureaucrats are in protecting the people from terrorists! Just who in his right mind would go into mosques to intentionally motivate young Muslim males to commit jihad, as the FBI have been doing? Who in his right mind would give armaments to the Saudis knowing that they are sponsoring and providing for jihadists worldwide? It’s nuts, all this stuff.

And talk about dogs chasing their tails. I think a lot of this is just a game, perhaps not entirely to those who actually do a lot of the work in those agencies (the True Believers who don’t connect the dots and don’t know they are being used by the higher-ups) but it’s a game (and a very profitable one) to those higher-ups who are in charge of the agencies, who KNOW that the terrorism is blowback and is being provoked and stoked by these government bureaucrats who thrive on the existence of the monsters they create to then destroy.

I think that Donald Trump had a sense of this in the years leading up to his election, and that’s why he articulated some criticism of the central planners themselves, the war-starters Bush I and Bush II and the bunglers under whose control 9/11 was allowed to happen. But Trump also has this fascination with generals and their ilk, unfortunately, and he chose generals to be part of his administration. Unlike most of the rest of us, the generals are trained in the military to suppress their moral consciences. They are also trained in psy-ops, psychological operations on what are intended to be their enemy targets. But the generals seem to have given Trump a good dose of the psy-ops (even though he is not their enemy, or is he?) and seem to have brainwashed “conditioned” him to accept the warmongering, totalitarian-mindedness of the central planners, and they got Trump to become one of them.

Now, a lot of people have been referring to the “deep state,” which is really just another way of referring to the national security state. The national security state became more of a “deep” or hidden state after they killed JFK, who wanted to scatter the CIA out into the winds, and so on. But it was becoming a little less deep when the Pentagon Papers came out, and when the Church Committee hearings were going on. And then the Iran-Contra fiasco occurred during the 1980s. But after each instance I think the national security state re-strengthened itself. There was a lot of prestige in being a part of the FBI-CIA-NSA-Military, right? Many Americans worship those things, and still do. But I think that CIA-man George H.W. Bush was able to restore the “deepness” and hidden aspect of the national security state by starting his new aggressions and sanctions in Iraq in 1990-91. This led to 9/11 and all the planned post-9/11 “national security” totalitarian measures to be sealed in place.

But in these more recent years, whistleblowers with a moral conscience have been “leaking” inside information, as they should be, which reveal the crimes and corruption of government bureaucrats, particularly “national security” related bureaucrats. Throughout the Obama administration and now with Trump the U.S. government is cracking down on whistleblowers, mainly because the criminal cockroaches in these government bureaucracies don’t like their crimes, or their embarrassing idiocy, exposed.

Government bureaucrats hide behind secrecy laws, marking just about everything “classified” or “top secret,” while they are imposing more and more invasive spying measures against their own people. It’s a sick society now. The central planners in Washington are more and more Soviet-like. Is this why they want Universal Health Care, Single-Payer (or whatever you want to call it)? After all, it’s what Democrats and Republicans want, it’s what Donald Trump wants. And why do you think totalitarian-minded central planners want government-run health care? Perhaps that would give them even more personal information of the people to have in their dossiers, if you know what I mean. NSA and other whistleblowers have stated that bureaucrats are blackmailing people, members of Congress, and judges. Imagine what they can do with everybody’s private medical information. Very Soviet Union.

And as I wrote in this 2011 article, sexual assault in the U.S. military was a serious problem, and included male against male as well as against female. In 2017, sexual assault is still a problem in the U.S. military. It’s bad enough when our government sends its military overseas to invade other countries, destroy people’s homes and businesses and schools and churches and mosques, murders innocent people and rapes their women. Obviously those are criminals doing all those things. So I suppose it makes sense that thugs and marauders who would do those things against foreigners would also do those things against their own people, rape or assault their own fellow comrades.

In my 2011 article, I wrote:

According to the Newsweek article, among U.S. military soldiers, “male-on-male assault…is motivated not by homosexuality, but power, intimidation, and domination. Assault victims, both male and female, are typically young and low-ranking; they are targeted for their vulnerability.” Verbal and physical attacks now reported include those in which the assailants are throughout the chain of command, by soldiers against their fellow soldiers, as well as by superior officers. In one incident, for example, “a group of men tackled (a soldier), shoved a soda bottle into his rectum, and threw him backward off an elevated platform onto the hood of a car. When he reported the incident…his platoon sergeant told him, ‘You’re the problem. You’re the reason this is happening,’ and refused to take action. ‘You just feel trapped’…”

In another incident, according to the Newsweek article, a soldier “was gang-raped in the barracks by men who said they were showing him who was in charge of the United States. When he reported the attack to unit commanders, he says they told him, ‘It must have been your fault. You must have provoked them.’”

Now, if you are a commanding officer in the military and you were confronted by a soldier with such a complaint against other soldiers and you replied in the aforementioned manner, then shame on you. That kind of response by a military officer, supposedly in charge of a unit whose purpose is to “protect and defend” their fellow Americans, is a cowardly protection more of criminals than of fellow citizens…

But in America, in which violence now seems to be so part of the culture and within the military ranks, it’s just barbaric, and sick, and there’s no excuse for it. Should we be surprised to hear of military “Kill Teams,” etc., in which soldiers have been shooting and mutilating innocent civilians abroad and being celebrated by their fellow soldiers? Just how pervasive is this sick behavior within the ranks of this institution that we think will defend us when we’re attacked? There was one soldier within the notorious “Kill Team” unit who was shocked at the indifference amongst the unit toward the lives of their victims, and noted, “I talked to someone and they told me this stuff happens all the time…everyone just wants to kill people at any cost….” And, he wrote that, “The Army really let me down when I thought I would come out here to do good maybe make some change in this country I find out that its all a lie (sic)….”

And it really is a lie. I can see why 22 U.S. military veterans commit suicide every day on average, while the numbers of active-duty military committing suicide are also well above the national average. George H.W. Bush started his war in Iraq and imposed sanctions based on lies. And his son did the same thing after 9/11. It is unfortunate that there is so much military worship in America, by the bamboozled majority who are American Exceptionalism’s True Believers. And they worship the entire national security state apparatus, including the U.S. military, the CIA, the FBI, NSA, and so on. But will they continue to do such worshiping if there is to be economic collapse and civil unrest, or martial law in America? I hope not.

The True Believers in “American Exceptionalism” and the central planning that naturally goes with it may want to rethink such an ideology. Because the goons and loony-tunes in Washington are turning America into the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany as well, and I think the only way to stop it is to have a “Brexit” for America, a total decentralization and dismantling of the central planning apparatus in Washington that has been gradually destroying America for over 200 years.

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