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No More Involuntarily Funding of ISIS and the National Security State

My previous post was one of those I calls it like I sees it kind of posts. A lot of people dismiss such calling the bureaucrats and their enforcers what they are because a lot of people have been bamboozled by a lifetime of propaganda from the mainstream news media who tend to be lazy and unchallenging and tend to merely repeat word for word what government bureaucrats tell them without question.

And many of those in the mainstream media also have poor knowledge or understanding of history, economics, philosophy, or don’t even have good reading and comprehension skills, especially lately thanks to the government schools. So despite their “communications” degrees from the journalism schools they don’t even know that they should always be skeptical of what government bureaucrats tell them without evidence and without the journalists themselves doing some investigative research for corroboration of statements or assertions.

And most Americans, unfortunately, seem to take what they see on CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox News, HBO, Comedy Central, or read in the New York Times or the Boston Globe, as unquestionable fact. Nope. Much of it is propaganda to further an Official Narrative or to further the editors’ own social agenda, or to please their corporate sponsors.

And since 9/11, the propaganda mainly has been the war-promoting kind, and the “liberal” mainstream media have been playing right along.

What led to 9/11 was George H.W. Bush and the U.S. government’s first war on Iraq and its sanctions, the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians throughout the 1990s, continued bombing and sanctions by Bill Clinton, and the U.S. government’s continued occupations with military bases throughout the Middle East. Bush’s war that he started in 1991 was heavily propagandized to get the American people to support it. After 9/11, I’ll bet you didn’t hear much about those antecedent events from the mainstream media outlets. Anyone who did bring up those things were called crackpots or tin-foil hat wearers.

The government told us that we were here minding our own business (which we were, but our government was not!) and Islamic terrorists came over and attacked us, and so we must start a war against them. Don’t question that Official Narrative! and so on.

But the truth is, there never really has been a “war.” And I don’t believe that 9/11 would have happened had elder Bush not started that war on Iraq in 1991, imposed sanctions and caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocents. And this “war” stuff is a propagandistic device by collectivist statists to rationalize their cravings to commit criminal acts of violence (or have their obedient militaries do their dirty work for them).

Most people still don’t believe that the first war on Iraq by the elder Bush in 1991 was a criminal act of violence, that included bombing Iraq’s civilian infrastructure that forced the Iraqis to have to use untreated water, and that was intentional by the U.S. military. Only a sick, deranged, sadistic psychopath would target innocent civilians to cause them to have diseases such as cholera and typhoid as well as as cause the increase of infant mortality.

After 9/11, the younger George Bush started two wars of aggression, including the second one on Iraq, to finish the job that his father started (for no good reason). And he didn’t even “finish the job”! Younger Bush caused even further havoc and chaos and not only turned Iraq from a secular state into a theocratic sharia-law tyranny, but caused the conditions that have engendered what is now known as “Islamic State,” or ISIS.

So, in reference to my previous post, I see a comparison between the U.S. government and what has been referred to as “ISIS,” which refers to Islamic State and is really just another criminal gang of thugs, marauders and murderers. In my view, the leaders of these Islamic terrorist groups are themselves not as religiously fanatical as many people think they are. They are power-grabbers and psychopaths who just like to enslave others, hurt and torture others, and murder innocents and get away with it with impunity. However, the followers of these groups are the easily emotionally manipulated ones who are brainwashed with the religious ideology, in this case Islam, and who really believe in the Islamic-based authoritarian rules and “sharia” this or that.

The ruling bureaucrats of the “Western” nations especially U.S. and U.K. have been the “acceptable” power-grabbers, while their “intelligence” and “counter-intelligence” minions and duped soldiers have been carrying out the radicalizing and provoking of the aforementioned, as I referred to in my previous post.

U.S. government forces have had absolutely no business being in those foreign countries for these past many decades. There have been many innocent human beings who have been slaughtered by the violence started by the two Bush presidents and continued by Clinton, Obama, and Trump. In addition to the innocents who had been slaughtered by the agents of the U.S. government in the Vietnam War, in Korea, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Tokyo and Dresden, and other places.

Every time I hear the moral relativists on conservative talk radio make references to the official rationalizations for these wars and the slaughters of innocents, I really cringe.

We could stop the Islamic fanaticism and terrorist attacks we have today if we didn’t allow our governments to fund them and provide them with weapons and intentionally radicalize them. The answer is the same answer for all the other problems government creates: end the involuntary confiscatory taxation that funds all this and that funds the weapons manufacturers, remove all U.S. foreign military bases from those other countries, as well as abolishing the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and dismantling the entire national security state. (Who in his right mind would voluntarily contribute to fund all that crap?) And such dismantling and decentralizing will coincide with the domestic welfare state that also needs to be abolished, because without involuntary confiscatory taxation you could not have a welfare state. (Who in his right mind would voluntarily contribute to fund a government-run social welfare scheme?)

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