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No, I Am Not “Anti-Military” When They Really Are Defending Us

In yesterday’s post, I included some remarks about the U.S. military. Please stop complaining. I am not “anti-military” if they are actually defending the U.S. from actual foreign aggression. But what the U.S. military have been doing for decades is not “defending” the U.S., as Laurence Vance pointed out recently, but invading other countries, occupying territories that are not U.S. territories, and bombing, shooting, wounding, maiming and murdering innocents. So, they are really invaders, not defenders.

I do not support invaders. I do not support intruders or invaders of any kind. Those who initiate aggressions against others. It was wrong for our government and military to start wars of aggression against foreign countries that were of no threat to us, especially the Bush war on Iraq in 1991 that started much of what’s going on now.

So U.S. military soldiers have no business being over there in those foreign countries that are not U.S. territories.

I do not support invaders who break into your home, steal your stuff, rape your daughters or kill your family. Of course, that goes for regular thug invaders or those invaders who might be from an invading foreign government and its military. Likewise, I do not support invaders from my own country who go over to other countries to invade, steal, rape, assault, kill and wreak havoc, and destroy whole countries as our military has done to Iraq and Afghanistan as well as our military having created ISIS.

The moral relativists I mentioned in my post yesterday believe (or are brainwashed to believe) that it would be evil if or when foreigners invaded America, but because America is an “exceptional” nation, when our government and its military invade foreigners, that’s okay.

So, everybody “support the troops.” Nope. Not when they are invaders. And there are those authoritarian sheeple who say you have to show “loyalty” to the government and its “troops,” but no, we Americans are not obligated to be loyal to the troops, the military, the President or any other government bureaucrat. Especially those who act criminally against innocents.

It’s actually the other way around. The government and its bureaucrats and soldiers must show loyalty to us, the people who employ them. That is why they swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution which includes the Bill of Rights.

Invading foreign territories and murdering innocents and poking hornets’ nests and starting fights with foreigners does not “defend” us, it makes us less safe and less secure. Don’t support invaders.

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