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More Leaks, More Blaming of Russians from the “National Security” State

According to some theories being tossed around out there, the latest leak by an employee of a private NSA contractor company may very well have been a planned and concocted made-up ploy by the NSA or CIA to continue the national security state’s Cold War anti-Russia hysteria, as well as further the false narrative of “Trump-Russia collusions and/or stealing election.”

The leak implies that the document shows evidence of Russia “hacking” the 2016 election via voting machines. However, what has really been shown, apparently, is that someone had attempted to phish employees of private companies involved in voting registration and voting-related software.

Now, who was it that attempted to phish those people with malware-laden emails? The investigators of the latest leak are strongly suggesting that Russians did it. However, we already know that CIA and other government and non-government organizations have software tools at their disposal to not only hide their own cyber “fingerprints” but to leave fake fingerprints, such as spoofed IP addesses, etc. to make it look like Russians or others are the ones who did the hacking, phishing, or otherwise computer intrusions.

The contractor employee who is under investigation for leaking the NSA document is a 25-year-old alleged Bernie Sanders supporter named “Reality Winner” who apparently hates Donald Trump. As I wrote in this post, there are hundreds of thousands of government employees and private contractor employees with top-secret security clearance who can easily access the most “sensitive” information. But I suspect that NSA may have set up this young floozy as part of their continued propaganda campaign against Russia.

Robert Wenzel of Target Liberty wonders why investigators can find this new leaker, who apparently leaked the document to the Intercept, but they can’t find leakers who leak to the New York Times and the Washington Post. In my view, that’s because it has been obvious that the Times and the Post, who are overly dependent on “anonymous sources” or “unnamed U.S. intelligence sources,” publish leaked information that those government investigators want to be leaked in order to promote their own agendas (such as promulgating Cold War anti-Russian propaganda, or engaging in Trump-hate, or promoting their leftist causes, and so on).

I think that when the New York Times and the Washington Post are overly dependent on “anonymous sources” or “unnamed U.S. intelligence sources,” it is safe to call those news setups “government lapdogs,” “stenographers,” and “groupies,” no?

A separate but related discussion has been regarding the DNC and Clinton campaign emails and whether they were hacked by the Russians or whether emails were leaked to WikiLeaks by someone who already had access to DNC emails, such as Seth Rich or NSA. And yes, we know that NSA (and CIA) already have access into emails (such as via “XKeyscore”), no need for them to do any “hacking.”

There was one theory regarding Seth Rich that I heard on one of the talk radio shows but I can’t remember which now. Rich’s murder was suspicious because the killer didn’t actually take any of Rich’s belongings, so it’s being called a “botched mugging.” First, the “conspiracy theory” is that Seth Rich was a disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporter at the Democrat convention, and with his DNC administrative access into emails he saw all the corruption such as chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz colluding with others to steal the nomination away from Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton, and so on. So, the theory goes, Rich then leaked those emails to WikiLeaks to expose the corruption. However, how to explain that if Rich leaked emails it would have to have been before he was murdered, which was on July 10th last year. So he leaked emails before July 10th, but the emails weren’t actually published by WikiLeaks until July 22nd. So, if he was murdered by a Clinton associate for leaking, then how would his murderer know that he leaked anything to WikiLeaks if the murder (July 10) happened before the specific info was actually made public (July 22)? So, the theory I heard on the talk show was that someone from NSA or CIA leaked the emails to WikiLeaks, and caused the Rich murder (and perhaps other suspicious deaths) to hide the truth, especially if the other narrative (“Russians hacked the DNC”) wasn’t working in the mainstream media’s fake news organs.

However, after I’ve done some more Googling, I see that the WaPoo had a news story on June 14, 2016 on “Russians hacking the DNC” network that was discovered in April of 2016 and apparently the “hackers” had access to the DNC network for about a year up to that point. The “hacking” intrusions were discovered, but there had not yet been actual publication of emails until July 22. But given that the DNC then used CrowdStrike to investigate, and given the subsequent info about CrowdStrike, now the whole thing is looking more and more suspicious again (i.e. the assertion that the “Russians did the hacking” is all made up). Or it could be that the whole DNC had been infiltrated by “outsiders” perhaps associated with the CIA, FBI or NSA.

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