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It Turns Out, Now Democrats Are Rethuglicans

A deranged lunatic on the fringe left has come out of the woodwork to shoot at and wound (and almost kill) some Republicans practicing baseball in an area outside Washington, D.C. The 66-year-old shooter was killed, thank God. His Facebook or other media indicated that he was a Bernie Sanders supporter and an Occupy Wall Street activist.

Some hysterical people on talk radio have been saying that “we’re in a civil war,” meaning cultural like between “left and right.” No, we’re not in a civil war. While there’s a lot of rhetoric on Twitter and elsewhere coming from the left from people suggesting that violence is necessary against those with whom they disagree, I still say that such rhetoric is not “influencing” people to be emboldened to then go out and shoot people. The Republican baseball practice shooter was acting on his own free will and would have done so regardless of all the “violent rhetoric” out there. (I wonder what psychiatric drugs he had been taking? Xanax? Zoloft? But I digress.)

These particular incidents have all been isolated incidents. There were this shooting, the Rethuglican candidate for Congress who beat up a news reporter and then won the election anyway, various anti-Trump activists beating up on people wearing a Trump hat, or whatever. This is not happening every day, or every week, or month. It’s not an “epidemic of violence.” And we’re not in a “civil war.” Chill.

However, the real epidemic of violence is our government and military and CIA bombing and murdering innocents on a daily basis overseas. For instance, civilian murders by U.S.-led airstrikes in Raqqa, Syria are “staggering,” according to the Guardian. And a study now shows that the U.S. government will only admit to civilian deaths in one out of five of its drone strikes. For at least 15 years, Americans have seen how their “awesome” military have been committing the most acts of violence against foreigners, mainly murdering civilians. So of course some Americans might be “influenced” by the news on a daily basis. One possible solution, as Jacob Hornberger points out, the U.S. government ending its own killing spree in the Middle East should have a positive impact on America.

Unfortunately, this Republican baseball practice shooting is reviving the gun control argument. Now, if you’re against gun control but aren’t exactly sure what to say to your pro-gun-grabbing co-workers or friends, here are some suggestions. Point out that criminals, or those who are intent on shooting, assaulting or murdering people, don’t care if there are laws against assaulting and murdering people. So obviously, they will not care if there are laws regarding gun possession or usage. They will not obey ANY laws.

Also, if just one of those Congressmen or Senators or staff members had a firearm then that armed civilian could have taken out the shooter early on. Many times, waiting for government police adds to death tolls or in this case, numbers injured. And places designated as “Gun-Free Zones” are telling would-be shooter-murderers that the place is open season for anyone who wants to go there and kill people, because no one is armed and so they can’t shoot back. If just one teacher or staff member at the Sandy Hook School were armed, that individual could have saved 20 kids from their deaths.

Besides all that stuff, retired law professor Butler Shaffer has this terrific article on law, Sharia law, and government law. He is right on, in my view.

Now to conclude this post, there is a new bill being introduced in the U.S. Senate by those who have no understanding of “law,” who are showing just what greedy thugs, parasites, terrorists, tyrants and all-around bad guys these neanderthals in Washington really are. If anyone is doing the reckless shooting of innocents, it is these psychopaths shooting at their own fellow citizens by siccing the enforcers-of-tyranny on them with legislative bazookas.

According to Robert Wenzel, a bill being sponsored by Sen. Charles Grassley, Dianne Feinstein, John Cornyn and Sheldon Whitehouse, “The Combating Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Counterfeiting Act of 2017,” will expand civil asset forfeiture powers. They will steal everything you have if they suspect that you have not filled out the required forms. (To protect us from those Ay-rab towelheads, naturally.)

Excuse me, retarded senators, but rather than stealing more money from innocent people for no good reason (which is really all government does these days), if you want to stop terrorist financing, then why don’t you in the U.S. government stop financing terrorists. Duh. And getting rid of the Federal Reserve System will get rid of that counterfeiting and “money-laundering” scourge in America. (Ya think?)

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