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Wendy McElroy calls intellectual property a fraud.

Thomas DiLorenzo says that the Pope is a fascist. (As well as a Marxist? The Pope is against individualism and libertarianism on college campuses. What is he smoking? WHAT individualism and libertarianism on college campuses? The college campuses are as Marxist as the Pope, with nothing but intolerance toward those who have individualist thoughts.) DiLorenzo points out that the Pope claims to be for the “common good,” just as the Nazi party was.

Dr. Lee Hieb describes the comparisons between ObamaCare and Nazi government health care.

Hans-Hermann Hoppe on the economics of world government.

Richard Ebeling explains the moral foundations of the free market society.

Jacob Hornberger clarifies for conservatives and nationalists what “unalienable rights” are and that not just Americans have them, and explains why the Founding Fathers would have opposed the Pentagon, CIA and NSA.

Lawrence Reed, President of the Foundation for Economic Education, describes his recent experiences speaking at a college campus.

Gary North says that Ann Coulter is a waffler, a wimp, and is a “member of a small cadre of professional political columnists. Their lives are consumed with politics,” and that “Washington is a Punch and Judy show.” Agreed.

Former MIT professor Theodore Postol thoroughly refutes Trump’s allegation of Syria chemical attack on own people.

Claire Bernish discusses the opiate addiction crisis. Not good. And the U.S. military in Afghanistan has not been helpful.

Judge Napolitano on Hillary and the FBI.

And Kirkpatrick Sale discusses Americans’ loss of citizenship. I like his remedy.

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