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The First 100 Days of President Donald Trump (Doh!)

So how is Donald Trump doing after 100 days as President? Well, like most politicians, Trump wants to spend other people’s money like a drunken sailor. He loves government entitlements, won’t touch Social Security, wants to expand Medicare or Medicaid, ultimately wants Universal Health Care, still wants to build a Berlin Wall on the border and impose more central planning controls on immigrants, he gives executive orders including ordering U.S. employers to only hire Americans, wants to expand military spending, and is now imposing what are supposedly big tax cuts and will increase the deficit and the national debt even more to cover the tax cuts because he won’t cut any spending or eliminate any programs.

In contrast, Ron Paul had a great response to Herman Cain’s “9-9-9” proposal in 2012, with Herman Cain suggesting a 9% flat tax on individuals, 9% flat tax on businesses, and 9% consumption tax, with Ron Paul suggesting “0-0-0!” to that.

Back to the present, Former Reagan administration budget director David Stockman severely criticizes Trump’s tax proposal, with Stockman saying he would make dramatic cuts, eliminate whole programs including ObamaCare and send a lot of “Washington” back to the states. In contrast, Trump is a central planner on steroids, loves Big Government and wants to expand the size and power of the federal government, like it’s a toy for him to play with.

Trump pushed the Ryan Plan to “replace” ObamaCare a few weeks ago, which didn’t even make it to a vote. But now, the sell-outs in Congress are pushing a new socialist Keep-ObamaCare-In-Place plan. But they’re moving some things around, and supposedly unshackling medical patients and insurers in some ways. Nevertheless, the new changes will still cause further chaos, just like ObamaCare, because the new plan is still a central-planning bureaucracy, and that is what central-planning bureaucracies do. But, it will make a lot of lawyers even more rich. And that’s always good, right?

Speaking of the sell-outs in Congress, Hugh Hewitt on the radio refers contemptuously to the House Freedom Caucus as the “Area 51 Caucus,” because Hewitt believes in socialism and, like most “conservatives,” can’t let go of it. He thinks they’re nutcases. In fact, just a few days ago, I think it was Thursday, Hewitt was interviewing the Chairman of the FCC (an agency which shouldn’t even exist!), and Hewitt brought up his problem with Mexican radio stations interfering with his ability to get California or Texas radio stations in clearly, I can’t remember which state now. But he wants the FCC to do something about that. Yes, run to the armed power of government and its Communications Commissars to restrict others to benefit yourself. The real, free-market solution to that problem is under the control of the radio-listening consumer: get a better radio, or tune in to your desired stations via the Internet. Duh. But I digress.

Anyway, I hope the House Freedom Caucus sticks to their guns on these issues of freedom, free markets and contract rights, as they did with the previous Ryan Plan, or else we might have to refer to them as the “House Freedom Carcass.”

And I think it’s somewhat too soon to know if Trump’s pick of Neil Gorsuch on the U.S. Supreme Court is a good one. However, Gorsuch has already voted to rubber-stamp the death penalty. Oh, well. So much for that guy. I think many conservatives support the government death penalty because they don’t know about the innocents who have been put to death by the State (so much for “moral values”), the corrupt prosecutors with their prosecution quotas, and so on.

On other domestic issues, Herr Trump has expanded the police state, especially with his gestapo-like escalation of the drug war, his crackdown on immigrants, and his ultra-authoritarian attorney general and ignorant CIA director, all of whom possess an utter lack of understanding of “unalienable rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness,” due process, freedom of speech, and the “right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects.”

And what in international relations has Donald Trump been up to in the first 100 days? He bombed Syria, getting its leader Assad’s airbase (which was up in operation again within 24 hours after the bombing), even though there was no evidence (there still isn’t) to back up Trump’s claim that Assad attacked civilians with chemical weapons. Such Trump actions could be seen as helping ISIS because Assad had supposedly been winning against ISIS in Syria.

And Trump ordered a “Mother of All Bombs” dropped on Afghanistan, supposedly getting over 90 ISIS militants. However, word is that the bomb didn’t get any militants. Oh, well.

But, since Trump’s inauguration he has been killing innocent civilians in Syria, Yemen and elsewhere with his drone strikes that he has authorized since Day One. (See news stories: U.S. airstrike kills family of eight, U.S. drone strike kills three civilians and four “suspects,”  from, and Trump has killed beautiful babies in four countries by Chris Ernesto.)

I heard Michael Medved this week interview Prof. Allan Lichtman on Lichtman’s book, The Case for Impeachment (of Donald Trump). I didn’t hear the entire interview or read the book, but I wonder if Lichtman mentioned the war crimes case against Trump (and Obama, Bush, Clinton, and especially the elder Bush). I doubt it, but that would be the true, legitimate case to impeach Trump. (A lot of people believe in the idea that “collateral damage” is acceptable and not “murder,” because they have been long-conditioned to rationalize such inhumanity and criminality.)

On the North Korea issue going on right now, I agree with Sheldon Richman. Instead of stepping up aggressions in that region, Trump should invite Kim Jung-Un to the White House and negotiate something with him. After all, isn’t Trump the expert on the “art of the deal”? And I agree with Jacob Hornberger, U.S. troops getting out of South Korea will solve a lot of problems and prevent further risks.

So my conclusion is that Donald Trump is enthusiastically taking Bush and Obama’s further ruination of America onward. Not a good first 100 days, in my view.

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