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Month: April 2017

It Seems That Cognitive Dissonance in Government and Media Never Ends

I heard a radio talk show host with the usual hysteria on the “Islamic threat,” and she was saying that we better step up the “war on terror” and the bombing overseas that’s mainly murdering innocent civilians. And this is a “moral values” conservative. So, a lot of people have been bamboozled by the 15 years of post-9/11 propaganda that continues to this day.

No, the problem is that the U.S. government and military’s invasions, occupations, bombings, murders of innocents (and knowingly) and destruction of those foreigners’ homes and cities, especially since 1991 (as I mention frequently, and I won’t shut up about it), have been provoking them like poking hornets’ nests. So if you are serious about wanting to end the “Islamic threat” and make us actually safer and more secure (and not less safe and less secure), then our government will end the invasions, occupations, bombings, murders of innocents and destruction of those foreigners’ homes and cities. Close all the U.S. military bases throughout the Middle East and Asia, Africa, etc., and bring all the troops back to the U.S. They don’t belong over there. They are invaders. They are as much invaders of those territories as any foreign government’s soldiers would be considered here on U.S. territory. (Jacob Hornberger explained that just recently here.) But sadly a lot of war supporters just don’t understand that.

And if you’re worried about refugees or otherwise unwanted possibly threatening people coming into the U.S., then, as I wrote above, stop bombing them and creating more terrorists. End the U.S. military and CIA’s supplying ISIS with weapons and financing, end all foreign aid, especially to those Middle Eastern governments who are sponsoring terrorism, indoctrination of Islamic extremism and authoritarianism and “jihad” with U.S. tax-handouts.

And stop all other foreign aid as well with U.S. tax-theft-handouts, especially to European countries. Stop the U.S. government from subsidizing those European governments’ taking in refugees who if they’re legitimate should be cared for by private and voluntary agencies and groups, not governments. (Same for the U.S.. by the way.)

There are many conservatives and others who have been paying attention and now understand how this obsession that the mainstream news media have with Russia, that was really promulgated by Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign, has been “fake news,” promoted by the political activists in the news media as well as their comrades of the Democrat party.

So now that you can see just how propaganda is being pushed by activists as well as by those in government and media who may benefit financially and whose careers in government or media may be enhanced by pushing such propaganda, perhaps then you can have a better understanding of how the post-9/11 propaganda helped the bureaucrats, the warmongers, the military-security-industrial complex to feather their own nests. (And better to see just how thoroughly immoral and criminal it was for the U.S. government to start further wars, against Afghanistan and Iraq after 9/11.)

And propaganda not just from the Judith Millers of the world but MOST of the mainstream media who were either complicit or just clueless of what the U.S. government and military had done to Iraq previous to 9/11 and how the primitive Islamic reactionaries (such as Osama bin Laden) didn’t like the invasive U.S. military bases occupying those foreign lands since the 1970s. It was propaganda that hoodwinked the American people to support George H.W. Bush’s criminal 1991 war of aggression against Iraq as well.

In fact, I heard on CBS Evening “News” with Scott Pelley yesterday (that I sometimes hear on WBZ radio simulcast), there was mention of FBI investigating Trump associates for allegedly planting “fake news” to spread propaganda. And I thought, you gotta be kidding me. Does Scott Pelley really believe that stuff? If so, he is extremely ignorant. But I think that it’s possible he might be knowingly participating in this Washington Post-instigated “fake news” agenda, which itself is fake news. And to avoid any possible “libel” lawsuits, I wrote, “I think” and “might be” etc. I didn’t make any outright assertion or accusation against Pelley, or his fellow moonbat media morons such as Todd Chuck or, regarding the “Russia-gate” stuff, various news outlets and talk radio hosts especially Hugh Hewitt who seems to be engaging in intentional propaganda against Russia, in my view. I don’t think that Hewitt is that dumb, but just another dishonest neocon-chickenhawk.

Even the Salem Radio newscasters, like CBS and other networks, at the top of the hour are reporting on “Russia hacking” or “Russian collusions” with the Trump campaign as fact, despite the top “intelligence” agency chiefs or former chiefs testifying there is no evidence of that fake news.

Read Justin Raimondo’s column on the “Cyber-Gulf of Tonkin.” He details how there was no “Russian hacking” of the 2016 election. And read Zero Hedge’s report on the latest WikiLeaks release of Vault 7, “Marble,” documents which “detail CIA hacking tactics and how they can misdirect forensic investigators from attributing viruses, trojans and hacking attacks to their agency by inserted code fragments in foreign languages.  The tool was in use as recently as 2016.” (That goes with CIA’s ability to hack computers and leave the “fingerprints” of others such as Russians.)

So, we know from the past 25 years that invading, bombing and killing foreigners causes the blowback of retaliation. But the people nevertheless remain ignorant of the blowback and continue to gullibly believe what bureaucrats and their little minions and media groupies tell them, and support more wars, more domestic police state government criminality such as facial recognition false accusations committed by self-absorbed FBI bureaucrats, government messaging encryption invasions, due process-free civil asset forfeiture thefts and drug war cash seizures.

Why do these idiots want to start another war, and with Russia, for crying out loud?

Some Misc. Items

Here are some more items to check out:

More and more parents in China are rejecting the government’s indoctrination of kids in the schools, and those parents are turning to homeschooling. But now, the Chinese government is cracking down on homeschoolers. The rulers are afraid that future Chinese workers and citizens might actually think for themselves, might actually explore intellectually more and invent new stuff that will be useful to the rest of the world. The Chinese rulers will have none of that. Better to be repressive and live under the total control of ignorant buffoons otherwise known as bureaucrats. (I have a feeling that the educrats and teachers unions here in the U.S. are becoming more the same way.)

Jim Davies on America’s owner.

The UN “Human Rights” Committee is censuring Italy for its high number pf physicians who won’t perform abortions. (Don’t you have it backwards, UN? They’re nuts. Is it time to get out of the UN and kick them out of the U.S.? Yup.)

Colin Flaherty on the white SJWs who become victims of black perpetrators.

Thomas DiLorenzo asks, Is Donald Trump a Jacksonian? and Dom Armentano on Trump’s economics: Danger ahead.

Activist Post with an article on Trump’s nominee for FDA commissioner, who is too much in bed with Big Pharma, in my view. (How about a nominee who will promise to eliminate the corrupt and dangerous FDA?)

Connecticut, “The Constitution State,” might begin the process of government’s war on the people with weaponized drones. (Make that the “unconstitutional” state.)

Bill Sardi discusses nutrition rather than vaccines.

And Wendy McElroy asks, Would Bitcoin function in a societal collapse? (I am not a Bitcoin person. If its purpose is to provide anonymity and security, I don’t think it provides either, given how much control the government and all its spy apparatus have over the Internet.)